Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Oh my gouch!

We just experienced a REAL earthquake and disaster response!!
Me and CJ were at Savalalo when the building shook and I was lying there thinking...hmmm, am sure this will ease...go away, fia moe..but then,.it shook sooo bad that things were falling and brick wall was MOVING!
...Out we went, and the neighbours gathered...still, the shaking persisted...then we were watching the cracks in the wall!

ANyhow, 10 minutes later, Miss CNN is online trying to alert and see if there was a warning...I run to have a shower and realise the ceiling looks a bit ummm...cracked.
Fastest shower ive had in moi loife!

Sirens and CJ says, we have to walk uphill"...NO WAY..hop in the car, drive up, and some random American hitched a ride....St Marys kids running uphill ...20 loaded on the back of a pickup, ...and we hear on the radio that the Sapunaoa, Falealili region has been hit by large waves and unconfirmed reports of 3 casualties and cars washed to sea. Landslide in Solosolo. I am hoping those reports are NOT true.

So, am now at SUNGO waiting for the chaos to finish so i can return to pack my bags.

Some idiots downtown are looting as we speak, this is pathetic.

I hear Lepa, our Dictators village has been hit as well.

I just hope everyone are well!!!

Photos to come soon(-:

I must say, the response have been impressive from the Police, Health, and the other authorities.
We were at the hospital and the CEO and Minister were at the emergency area directing people and sending cars to kua..two women running the show...coolness!!

So whats the message in all this?

Always dress well and wear your best knickers to bed, coz you never know when you need to hit the road with the rest of the population

Manuia le aso

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