Saturday, September 19, 2009

T's bday

My good friend T turned 30 last night and we made sure it was a night we couldn't remember.
...scallop fest, accompanying shots, too much Oyster Bay savignon and NO men allowed.
T had a ball (really) and I was comatose in bed all day, until Filo and Mikey arrived to cook chop suey this afternoon.
It sucks being hungover with MM.
She finds it amusing that I am nonresposive.
She's walked on my head a few times and tried to wake me up by imitating what I do to her on weekdays.
She firstly snuggles next to me, then she started the "nofo i luuuuga" sweetly for a few moments..."lets go to daycare babyyyyyy" in her singsong voice..."nofo i lugaaaaaaaaaa sugaaa" and then harshly "Gofo i Luga eh! moimimi, i'm gonna leave you here and go eh! you want me to splash water on your face? im going now, Fa".
Except she whacks my head a few times and then thank the Lord, she left me alone,...for a few hours.
but im better now, so im gonna go back to sleep.

there goes my saturday that was meant to be for studying)-:
...hmmm tomorrow will be more productive, yep....the future will be brighter tomorrow, choooohooooo!!!!
Manuia le sapati

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