Wednesday, September 16, 2009

HOtel Kitano Tusital on Fire

Sadly, the famous old fale of Hotel Kitano and most likely surrounding buildings burned have burned to the ground, tsk tsk, very very sad.

I just hope that beautiful painting of Robert Louis Stevenson is safe, I have always enjoyed seeing that on the wall.

But one wonders.....Reddy Group just bought Kitano recently, ......and it was in desperate need for refurbishment....hmmm....wonder who the insurance provider for thought maybe?

Thanks to the owner of the pics which have been forwarded around, Peni Allen from MOF.

Stay Safe Samoa


Nohelani said...

That is our memory of having breakfast with Michael Jones gone up in smoke.

It is really tragic to see it go.

Nohelani & Peter Pimm

kuaback said...

Maimau aye...

Still...i think something fishy is going ua lelei fishy