Sunday, September 06, 2009

Get updated on Samoa's road switch

I found a blog that updates on the road switch and the stuff that are reported about the switch and it had a copy of the elusive road code....interesting times ahead.
Enjoy...and stay alive my peoples....

I haven't much to report this week, as I have been rather preoccupied with work, studies, MM banging her head on a drawer and subsequent visit to A&E, work and sustainability.
As to why that uninteresting last word is on my list baffles me but it is true.
Sustainability is my chosen topic for MCOM, I have made a submission towards the 40% reducing to emissions by 2020 campaign, cloth nappies are the new black and the market is greenwashed with green products, green energy, green choices, green shit if you like blahblahblah.
Same problem as 10, 20 years ago...environment issues, but now theres a chching dollar value to it all.
Now, big business don't have the guilt conscience because they can happily brag about being sustainable because they use organic toilet paper while they send their real toxic stuff to China and Indonesia.
So where am I in all this sustainable hoopla?
I am now a 'watered' down optimist who still thinks there's hope, but I won't preach about it and I won't put my money on it. (What money? hah!).
I'm doing what the silent majority are doing...cry wolf about the state of the earth but won't pay the price if it appears on my monthly costs.
"Not in my backyard mate"
Which sums my generation up very well....I have been born into and raised into a world of convenience and now it's an uphill struggle to wean myself off my daily cushy comforts.
I blame technology for making me and my "generators" so bloody dependent, spoiled and ...okay, damnit,...LAZY!

We didn't survive a famine, we didn't fight a war, we didn't have to deal with tubeculosis and filarisis. We just cruised (and twittered) through a world filled with unnessary technology, materialism and a knack for failed solutions like dialogue, Kyoto protocols, sustainability reports and communication.
These are all sorry excuses for failure to get off our arses off the couch and make a real difference.
WE SUCK, YOU SUCK (If you're under 45) WE can't even make decisions about our farken planet without getting our knickers into a twist...our ancestors paved the way for us but little did they know their efforts have been all for very little hope.

oka oka e, ain't I just an emmission of postive energy today?
...and it's only 4:55pm on a Monday afternoon...what will I be come Wednesday?
Note to self: Positive Day tomorrow.
Assuming all goes well with the switch.
Knock on wood.
Especially since its been raining today and the painted arrows would wash away in no time)-:
...positive enery....oooooommmmmmmmm........

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