Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We love Seeedneee

We've just spent a wonderful seven days in Sydney, checking out the touristy spots and travelled north to th beaches....loving it.
Even spent an evening with our family friends, well, more family than friends now....and it was brilliant.
MM learnt a new rhyme as well, "Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two step...tickle tickle tickle"

Highlights from Sydney:

BEST FOOD: En Casa (432 Pitt Street)-best Spanish cuisine at vedy el cheapo prices.

BEST THING TO DO: Catch ferry to Watson Bay and have fush and chups by the water...then walk over the hill to the next more secluded beach.
BEST THING TO DO WITH A 2 YEAR OLD: Taronga Zoo - Caught the ferry and checked out the elephants, koalas, giraffes ....and managed to hop on the gondolas as well...great great exhauster for the midget.

BEST SHOPPING: Well, I didn't find a lot of interesting things, but for bargains: Paddy's Market, and the outlet shopping about Market City.
If youve got a sugar daddy with you then Elizabeth Street where Chanel, Versace etc live..

BEST ACCOMMODATION: We stayed at Travelodge Phillip Street, mid range 3.5 star, clean, easy access to Circular Quay, helpful staff, Thai and bistro restaurants on site...."O" for awesome!

BEST TIP FOR SYDNEY: Best to buy the SydneyPass to get around by ferry, train, bus.
In the city itself, theres 555 bus which is a free service. runs approx every 20 minutes.
Monorail is nice to get around but $4.80 per trip is a big ask for a 2 minute hop. but if you have the sugar daddy, go for Gold.

PEEVES: Hate how people call you "doll" "sweetie" "hun"...."That's be $350 doll".
If you want to be endearing, mean it, don't just "sweetie" me just for the heck of being the giver of endearment.

POSITIVES: Most bus drivers, service providers have been so so brilliant....some people have gone out of their way to be helpful....i love it!!!

HIGHLIGHT: watching AB's beat the Wallabies in a substandard Wallabies match at Olympic Park.
The stadium is so so so so massive, the biggest ive been to!!!

But now,...iyts back to shit'ol Htown....and back to work tomorrow and next week and maybe, maybe...Samoa in a few weeks,,...but that depends on bthe funds....G'day doll!!

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DengXiao said...

Man if we've known you was in town we would called the governer general to send a car around to pick you up. Taken you to the 35th floor of the ShangriLa hotel at the rocks for drinks, whisk you off to the Hunter Valley for a tour of the fabulous vineyards the next day. Then yumcha at Chinatown the following day before lazying the day away at Bondi beach...see all good family friendly weekend..