Monday, August 10, 2009

Vacancy: Legal Advisor role

For Samoa Land Transport Authority.
Legal Advisor Level 2 LA01

- Location: LTA Office – Vaitele
- Contractual Basis: 3 years
- Wage/Salary : $63,774 per annum

hmmmm.....which soul would be brave enough to take on the role that answers to the people whose lives will be lost?
The Job description should stipulate that:

The successful applicant must be bullet proof, courageous and be prepared to legally defend the Authority in the upcoming Collision D-Day.

C'mon, it can't all be negative, you know I like happy endings, so I've come up with ventures that will be successful from September onwards:
-Driver Licence and re-training Schools
-Rehabilitation center for survivors of accidents that will assist the person to be more independent again, or at least to learn to raise their arm again.
-Counselling services, we'll need more Calmar Annandales to go to...
-Funeral Directors, Sefo and Ligaliga won't be coping with the influx
-Funeral Parlours, only 2 in Savaii, only in Faasaleleaga, so another one is needed
-Doctors: hmmm, they should go on strike and finally get that pay rise when the accidents happen.
-perhaps a new Prime Minister to add to that list?

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