Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Their Watery Graves

My thoughts are for those who have lost their lives so unnecessarily in Tongan waters.
It is so so disheartening realising that not one woman or child escaped from this tragedy.
Kalofa e i gai aiga o lo'o faatali aua se taunuuga manuia, ae paga lea ua tua i mala.

The culture of respect, of gender segregation has meant that women and children did not stand a chance., they remained below deck, while the men managed to jump ship immediately. May they rest in peace

It reminds me of the Savaii/Upolu crossing that we take for granted, yet, that same situation could happen any day and for this reason, I will NOT sit inside the video room ever again, even if the outside is crowded!!!
I do hope that the Government of the Kingdom of Tonga take responsibility if not, then this should be more reason for Tongans to rise up and make necessary changes.
Oops, I do sound like Tuilaepa and Toke Talagi asking Fijians to revolt...similarly, Samoans, Cook Islanders, PNG....all these island nations have been dragged through the mud thanks to their leaders lack of foresight (check Pacer-plus, Cairnsgate, RHD, Cooks money laundering, Niue no accounts for spending, Junta-ville etc for why i say this) or is it lack of any sight altogether?

The bottom line is, this Tongan tragedy did not need to happen if laws were obeyed and safety rules /reg were followed, but like most Pacific political initiaves, its all about what looks good at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, what happens afterwards is all up to fate and tragic endings.

What a depressing entry on a depressing Pacific week, I hope the new week brings good fortunes and sensible political leaders.
Because we bloody hell need it.

The sonar image taken by ANZ Navy of the Princess Ashika, copied from Matangi Tonga website

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