Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Taito Debacle

How the mighty have fallen, Taito Phillip Field had been charged with numerous counts of corruption in a New Zealand court of law.
Shattering for a man who was the first Pacific Island MP, first to Cabinet and now the first Parlimentarian to do jail time.
Where did it all go wrong?
Eh Kailo se,
But I can't help but feel for the man that so many Islanders looked to in difficult times.
I accept that his dealings were unprpfessional and unbecoming of a supposedly law abiding citizen and leader.,
I acknowledge that he has wronged those who needed his help.
I accept that.
However, the coconut in me says, please give him another chance and let him be., please soften the blow and not lock him up.
Please make it all go away.
But the reality is harsh and obvious.
Which then brings me to the issue,
Where the heck are all those bloody overstayers and Samoans who Taito helped and provided housing for? I sure do hope they are supporting him and his family.
Kalofa e ia Taito....contrary to the palagi ruling, I still have respect for the man and I truly believe that deep down, he meant well, he genuinely wanted to help and he does care.
But this same Samoan caring nature was also the final nail to his political credibility.
If these issues were put in the Samoan context, all member of the Samoan parliament would be in jail for bribery, corruption charges....I mean, don't we all look forward to the truck full of cow carcass, fat hogs, fine mats and a bag of cash a week before elections?
Isn't it common knowledge that the larger the carcass to higher the vote? Like the Safua woman said "O le sui lava e maua ai le petru, o le sui fo'i lega e alu i ai le ekisi".(whoever gives me the $$$ gets my X....should be tick actually).
I do hope this is a lesson for aspiring Samoan politicians out there...better to stick to the law of the land because when the beef gravy is digested and the last tala has gone to the bingo, so too -the loyalties evaporate.
Its called the law of the stomach....youre as good as the last meal mate.
Lesson for us all.....stick to the rules and you should be fine.

Hopefully Bill English and all those National jokers take heed and give up their lofty allowances though...

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