Monday, August 31, 2009

Old photos make for nostalgia....

Old photos make me go all mushy inside, pathetically nostalgic and leaves me thinking a LOT.
Yes, I'm a thinker like that, move over Freud.
Having grown up in unforgiving himidity, photographs never reached their 30 year anniversary unscathed.
Throw in a couple of inquisive but dusty children turning album pages with licked fingers and runny noses and your captured memories become a neglected pile of shit.
It doesn't help that two cyclones decide to float the pusa ku that held decades of memorabilia.
So many challenges make our tropical home a cemetery for photographs.
Every so often, we would shred each other's images after a fist fight, or when one is excluded from a night of hide and seek in the tall grass behind Granma's fale.
I cannot count how many times my poor mother tsk tsks and shakes her head disappointedly over the remnants of once perfect memoirs.
Photographs never stood a chance, being stuck between bible pages.
Passed among sweaty palms between church pews during long prayers. Images of my cousin's uncle's niece in Niu Siland smiling in front of the Auckland Aiport carpark. A last image of my dead great aunt, in her lacy decorated coffin, surrounded by her puffy-eyed daughters. A family photo, my mother, my three sisters and cousin Diana, huddled together after hours in Olemoe falls. My mother again, stripping mulberry bark at Faamulis while CJ and I deface siapo in the backround.
Now that I'm older and not-so much wiser, I try and remove as many photos as I can, and I keep them safe and away from priving sticky fingers and snotty noses.
I only wish I could get hold of those old photos that visitors to our home in Safua captured while staying with us.

Have a picture perfect day...

...thanks to the nostalgia, I just put on Malelega's wedding movie and it's hilllarious!!!!

I just found a gorgeous picture of Mamasan on Jos's page, probably at Saleaula.
This is probably at Saleaula or Matavanu....good ol' momma and her sapelu, chooohooo
Photo belongs to Jos, thanks bro!

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