Tuesday, August 18, 2009

O lo'u tama e fai lana taavale, lana taavale, lana taavale...

Dear Diary,
I'm a little worried right now.
I need to be in Savaii to do my interviews, in kua (Salega) and then later in Upolu on the Falealili district.
This needs to be early September because its the next best opening (workwise and participants being available) but it falls exactly on the week of the road switch.
I am more than a little worried, because up until now, I was happy fluffing around knowing I was safe from danger but now, I will most likely be there amongst the carnage.
Arghhh! What am I to do?
I wan't to Live pliz!!!!
I do trust my driving (yessir, i'm confident like that, shuddup), but I don't trust the Salelologa taxi driver dodging the crevasses in the road, straining his neck to see the road through the pine tree air freshener decorations AND trying to remember that he is meant to be on the right side...sorry, the wrong side, argh, even thinking about it confuses me)-:

So thanks to Tuilaepa and his farken midlife road switch crisis, I'm trying to reposition my work so that I won't have to be there when it happens.
Damn it....one man's midlife crisis is several nations woes.

Revered Mother did raise an interesting point tonight regarding the switch, donor organisations should NOT be financing the switch and I understand that these donor organisations such as the Asian Development Bank are also not aware that their funds are being "re-allocated"(aka misused) for the switch.

so many problems, no solutions...oi ka fefe i le mala ua kele!

Hmmm, what else was I thinking this arvo? Yes...teenage pregnancy.
One of my young relations has more than the road switch to worry about, she might also be pregnant. Problem is, she's a virgin who doesn't hang with boys
(Goddess rolls eyes and bangs head on keyboard repeatedly)
This will come as a shameful shock to her clueless mother and her head-in-the- clouds father. Suprises to be had by all involved and not involved.
Very sad sad situation but hey, I've been on and on like a broken lali about this issue, so no point exhausting my fingertips about lack of information, access to birth control, ignorant attitudes and immamculate conceptions...there you go, I said it.

Ia, manuia taualumaga o le vaiaso, eva faalelei, sa le oga, tausisi i lau paaga e tasi ae aua le kikilo fua i le koolua o le lesi ma le kele o le vevesi.
fa loa.

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