Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Youth Day

This is for the Youth: Because you are so misunderstood.
You are scorned at, for being you
The problems of the world are there becuase of you
The solutions, well, we'll decide that for you
Your successes are owed to your olds
Your failures your own.
You shouldn't try foreign things or copy foreign others
be true to your culture
but please becomes a doctor
or a lawyer
Don't wear the best ie faitaga
do your hair this way
carry the sack over there
feed the pigs right now
sell the tauaga in faasaleleaga
look after your siblings tonite
send me money for the taulaga
Bring out the best ipu malamamalama because
Is all about vaaiga a tagata


Chris said...

Malo lava, hilarious like usual. I was thinking, what you think about you doing a preschool edutainment program in Samoan. You gots lots of stories and rhymes, plus your Samoan is awesome. Have a sleep on it and sell the dvd online soon, cos teletubbies is taking over.

Omega ; Alex said...

this is quite good sis. Talk soon:)