Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Unnecessary Utilisation of words to protray an air of intelligence

Seeing that my job has become an inconvenient distraction to my life these days, I am finding ways to amuse myself.
Pathetic as this may sound but I got excited finding a word I have not encountered before:
Force majeure . This was on a contract for a conference coming up and I was elated to find a challenge to my word to my english vocab!!
Much to my dissapointment, it just: French for "superior force"
Which brings me to the point: What's with the English speakers' facination with using French words?
Can't we just ask for a folder or papers rather than a dossier?
Does it make it fancier?
Why are we so blase about critiquing the french's arrogance yet be so indifferent about using their words?

Why are we ordering a la carte when we can just order from the menu?

Is a chargé d'affaires less powerful if she was simply a diplomat left in charge?

Will my house be more appealing with decor rather than furnishing?

Can't I just have the soup of the day instead of soup de jour?

On the other hand, give me pate de foie gras but don't you dare tell me its fatty liver.
And it just doesn't sound like a Grand Prix if it was just a Great Prize.

I won't show up for Fat Tuesday but I will be in costume for Mardi gras.

Now, we've passed on terminology dilemna to my 2 years old...she wouldn't eat apples but she 'll take it if we said pomme...same thing, different name!!!

Obviously, I'd rather be living at a cul-du sac rather than a dead end.
I'd rather have a fiance than to be bethrothed!
At the end of the day, there's really no need to make things so complique!

There's the beauty of speaking Samoan - you are gauranteed to be a sheer minority in the global arena!
My older brother did try getting a friend's attention from a distance in a crowded Tokyo subway to no avail until he yelled out "Kefe!" and the person immediately turned.
ah, language - its so so facinating!!!

I've been reading MM some stories at night and it goes like this:
Jack was walking with his vache(cow) to the makeki...savali, savali, walk, walk, marche,marche ..
To market, to market to buy a fat...puaa!
My poor child is gonna be trully confused!

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