Friday, June 05, 2009

Pusi pusi Miau

Pusi pusi miau,
o fea lau fanau?
o la e i tua o le pola
sa alu e fagota
a maua mai se ia
fafao i totonu o le ola
Tina, tina, nofo ia i luga ua tu le mata o le la
Tama, tama, aua le paie ae toaga e alu i uta
Sau Patele ma le pusa masi tele
Ua uma na masaa i le auala tele
O a na mea e i totonu o le ato?
Tasi tamato, 2 fuapato, 3 ????

Now that there is a 2 year old character hanging onto my skirt, my memories of primer one in fusi safotulafai is blinking back on. I remember a little about my first year (pre school) at Saint Theresa, in a tiny fale o'o near the large gatae trees.
Our teacher was Miss Silia, who I always thought would be what Humpty Dumpty's wife looked like.
She was tiny at the bottom and very round in the middle.
She used to play the guitar and make us stand up and sing "oma rapiti X 10".
We all had inspection on Monday mornings- our nails had to be clean and nail- polish free (yes maam, 5 years old do that sometimes:-) and our hair had to be combed back (usually slicked shiny with mama's faguu samoa) and we had to have a hankerchief pinned to the left breast pocket of our blue poplin uniforms.
Failure to comply means a sasa with the salu lima.
Needless to say, I learnt to bite my nails early in life.
So, to transliterate the above nursery rhyme:

Pussy cat meow
Where are your churens?
They are behind the pola
They have been fishing
Whenever they catch a fish
stick it in the basket
Mother, mother, wake up now the sun is already up
Father father, dont be lazy and go to the plantation
The Priest came with a big box of biscuit
That has spilled out on the street
what are those in the basket?
one tamato, 2 duck eggs and.....??

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