Thursday, June 25, 2009

My sincere condolences to my brother, Andrew Kilisi Solomona

For the sudden loss of his idol, Micheal Jackson.

Kilisi will not admit this now but he used to wear his MJ red jacket in the 80s in the Savaii heat and rock down the village with his stereo doing head spins on a flat board and doing the moonwalk by the road side.
Even his hair was curled and he had a shocking fringe similar to the King of Pop.
Yes - it explained a lot about his sanity today...chooohooo!!!

(I hope my siblings can send me a photo please...i have some at home but they need to be scanned and I forgot where i left them).

Michael Jackson - You ROCK!!!

My brother sent this;...what a fia!

To everyone
I am sure by now you have heard the sad news. Anyways I spoke to Jermaine this afternoon he really want's us to be there. Lani, Tito asked for some palusami and not to worry about ie toga they have heaps. Janet is taking it very hard. ha ha
Ia malo lava hope you all are fine. We are all good and still in recession. Jacob has had a blocked nose so I have taught him to breathe through his butt ha ha. Lio is bigger than you last saw him, he won the best player for his rugby last week, I see a future international referee in this kid ha ha.Ia faatasi le atua ma outou Maria paia e le tina o le atua............ lau le losalio ma tatalo i aso uma. Alofa atu mo outou uma.
Latoya sends her alofa.

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