Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MM is Home and MENA

And I am elated to have my shadow back in the house.
But it only took a few hours of "lets play puzzles,..again x 20?" and I feel like chucking her on the next flight home.
First I was in tears missing her and now that she's safely home, I'm complaining.
Quit whining you say..okay, enough already.

Because I was feeling really tired at work this arvo, I did some impulsive purchases that will feature on the credit card statement shortly....I reckon Mastercard should offer me the option to NOT show some items on my statement so that I won't sulk over it later. Anyhow, damage done, nothing else I can do about except, wear the beautiful schexy dress.
My cousin-brada Maruja forwarded me a MENA catalogue and I saw a gorgeous black wrap dress that screamed "pick me! pick me!" and 2 minutes and $185 later, i was the proud owner of a hot lil' number.

What's the ig deal?
Of the numerous business ventures that have graced the Apia hemline, MENA is certainly one the few that have found a niche and milked it silly. When they first started, I sacrificed several nights on the booze to afford a gorgeous item from the on sale racks and I loved it. Problem is, Samoa is bloody small, and I got weary of all the people attending the same function wearing the same print. So I boycotted MENA for a wee while, only wearing them when my MENA-devout sister left them lying around by mistake. She can afford it. Lucky Bitch.
ANyhow, I managed to avoid them for a while.
Then I came across the MENA shop in Auckland, and my credit card took a hit once more.
Thankfully, I left Auckland. And now, there's catalogue being emailed to me.
What the hell is going on? My credit card has taking another beating!! argh!
I'm sure it'll be all worth it....I hope!
Anyhow, I am reminded again, of a time when:
A cult of MENA and TAV slappers took to the Tauese streets with an air of I-can-afford-this, so-fark-off" aloftness about them and it was fascinating to watch because as far as I was concerned, I will do just the same. Especially if it costed me a handsome investment.
But hey...beauty comes before the mortgage, so go on..buy yourself a MENA, it's worth every sene.
If youre male and having an affair, buy your girl a MENA, she'll nail you for it
If you're female and want a MENA but can't afford it, have an affair.
It's Samoan, It's beautifully made, It's creative. It's HOT, It's worth it!!
Here's a pic I copied from the MENAwebsite of Anita and James modelling the clothes some years back...

Gorgeous stuff!!!


Shark Girl said...

Haha...I LOVE THIS. I have obviously been away from blog too long. Actually I do have one but anonymous ;) Anyway, love the affair bit, so typical huh. Love to MM...so disappointed I didn't get to see her!!! Ah well, next time when all the kids are in college...lol. Mwahhh!

Donty said...

has the above dress come in black as well,please,also how much is it?

Goddess said...

Hi Donty,
I presume your question is for MENA not for me, here's their contact details:
All enquiries to info@mena.co.nz
Ph: +64 9 834 7417
Email: info@mena.co.nz

website is mena.co.nz, u can order online.