Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's Wednesday, its -5 degrees celsius (hmmm, how can I type in degrees celsius rather than spelling it?) and I'm going to have a productive and successful day.
As soon as I am done with this unproductive post.
I've dropped off Babos at daycare, Frenchy's watching soap operas at Ward 7 and I will head to uni to update my very overdue survey and case study.
Because I can.
Yes I can.
So help my Allah! and any other deity tuning in.

This week, I'm at uncertain crossroads, with very uncertain directions.
My choices are hampered by work commitments and a hefty mortgage
My heart is wanting to drop everything and be a broke and careless student.
The olds say we have it easy, we have material things and gadgets that make life breezy
But they got it wrong, they had it all, the family and the many people that carried their children while mothers bounced back to work.
I hate that I am debating these choices.
Anyhow, enough blabbering, I am going to uni to finish what I started.
And leave the housework for the house elves and the fairies to do.
I have 2 weeks before my babo travels to Samoa without us, and I am lying awake thinking about it, what to pack, what to write on my list...mosquito rid, cookies, nappies, swimming togs (but only for 20 minutes) with a hat and sun screen, her favourite puzzles, winnie the pooh books, winnie the pooh movie, Nemo, soya milk powder, towel, le snak, wipes, more nappies, ofu lotu, drink bottle, Pamol, baby vicks, bonjela, weleda teething powder in case she gets one there, .
I know she's not going to Sierra Leone but I just don't want her to go hungry or sick or thirsty ahhhhggghhh, no she's not going damn it!

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