Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I cannot stop thinking about Luana, not since I heard the tragic news.
She was such a beautiful person, in so many ways.
She had so much going for her,
I've always known Luana as Nola's 'little' sister but gradually came to know the social butterfly, the beautiful personality and her infectious smile.
I hardly knew her, other than the wee chit chat at the cake shop, and then the pubs and lately on bebo...so it's suffice to say, I hardly knew her.
Yet, when I heard the news from my sister, I was so devastated, stumped, speechless.
I didn't want to believe it.
I was in denial and somehow in my mind, I hoped for a miracle, like everyone else...there had to be a way.
And this is me, who hardly knew her.
My heart hurts thinking about her mother, her sisters, her close friends and loved ones.
I can only hope that in time, the pain will ease, but right now, I hope to God that those left grieving are comforted.
Their girl has been a ray of sunshine, of happiness and friendship, they can be proud of their high achiever, that could.
Ia Manuia lau malaga i le Lagi Luana.

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