Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Final Countdown

Tomorrow during my lunch break, I'm submitting my case study and Out in the Community Project.
It's been a very tough first semester back at uni and I keep kicking myself mentally for doing this,
Yes, I am a sucker for punishment.
You can point that out again.
Last week, after the fifth night typing away at the wee hours of the morning, I just couldn't fathom why the hell I was doing this.
But my supervisor is not letting me off this easy.
I am such a palaai sometimes, when it came to the last 100 meters, I panicked.
Thankfully much of my work is all internal assessment, so most of the damage is done already.
I am just finding it hard juggling work, uni, baby and sex. Needless to say, I've sent baby to Samoa, worked and studied like an ant and forgot to have sex.
Eh,...I need to win the lotto and my problems would be solved.
And don't give me that psychological inspirational crapola like "money aint everything' coz mark my words, the people saying that are the ones with...EVERYTHING!!
okay, back to work, coz i won't be studying tomorrow, i'll be driving up to AKL to pick up my baby girl...i can't wait!!!
Frenchy and I are having a petty competition, we're gonna stand apart at AKL and see who MM runs to ...heheheh, we're such kids sometimes!!!

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