Tuesday, June 30, 2009

E o'o le Vao

There are some alagaupus from our language that makes my heart flutter with hope and pride,
words derived from nature used eloquently to tell a story, or get the message across-subtly.
Oka! the suspense of it all, ...thinking about the faatau between two chiefs and the the whole exchange is built on metaphors from legends and geneaology.
A faatau can last hours, but can be summed up as,
"Hello, The Day is glorious, the Lord is with us, You are Great, I am humbly great as well, and today, the Lord brought us together for whatever reason, and we are great together, so help us God and you'll be even greater if you have lots of money for me."

But behold, the words stringed together to present this message are poetic and ...picturesque,
Ua paia le taeao
...The morning/day is sacred, ...
E le falala fua se niu
A coconut tree doesn't just sway
E lele le se ae lama le ti'otala
A se (grasshopper?) flies unawares while the bird preys
E lele le totoa ae maau i le vai
A toloa flies far but comes back to water
E a Ulu e Tafe ae selefutia ai Vaisigano
...umm, Ulu river flows but Vaisigano takes the crap
rather than me offering crass translations unfairly, Click here to get deeper meanings to alagaupus and all Fagogo mai Samoa...the title of my blog.

Essentially, my message is this, Samoan orators need to perfect the art of flattery and ego-boasting to maintain their reputation as a great charismatics but articulate and respected speaker and negotiator.
or in other words,

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Dana Deree said...

Talofa Lava,

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Faafetai Tele Lava,

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