Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Butchering the News

Visa Scam in Niu Sila
In brief, a Maori self-appointed leader
Gerard Otimi sets up meetings where overstayers in New Zealand pay him $500 for supposed rights to remain and be citizens of New Zealand. It was all over the news last week, with the Police taking him into custody last night. Initially, I didn't care about this issue too much. It's far removed from my backyard and I don't have any overstayer cousins and uncles involved the mix. YET (-;
Plus, I said to a friend "Only an idiot would believe this jerk and his bullshit stories. One look at him and all you is is Kuluk...Kuluk Kuluku!!!"
But as the week wears on, the story becomes a debacle of deceit, miscommunication, hearsay and people walking away with bags of cash.

Gerard was interviewed on Maori TV 2 night's ago and he blatantly used our Late and Revered Head of State, Malietoa Tanumafili II's name throughout. He claimed that Malietoa asked him personally to "look after my people"....and he continued to use this line throughout this whole situation.
The catch is,..looking after Malietoa's people involved charging desperate families $500 and in return, they received a stamp allowing them into their hapu and New Zealand.
The nerve of the bastard to use the HOS's name like that?

Worse yet:

Does this document carry any weight with NZImmigation?
Airena: No
Does this stamp tamper with Government of Samoa property: passports?
Yes - But according to Vaasatia Poloma Komiti: No. So he must be right.
Does this stamp stop overstayers from being overstayers?
A resounding big fat NO!
Like the man from Fagamalo said,
"It looks like a scam, it smells like a scam, It costs like a scam. It must be a scam!"

So why are people being sucked into it?
I was baffled when I spoke to someone (who is very educated) that attended one of the meetings. In her mind, the scheme was going to benefit her overstayer relatives and Gerard Otimi is a great man who is on their side.
"So did you pay any money?"
"Yes, but it's okay, they're gonna make the passports VALID documents"
...I look at her blankly and wonder, should I whack your head now or later?

The plot thickens when prominent Samoan people get involved and become translators for this scheme, leading to their dismissal from jobs and positions that they have held for more than 10 years.

Anyhow, thats just my wee(!) rant on this lovely Friday afternoon....

E sa'o ai a:
A fai aku lava e oso ma oso ae le kikilo faalelei pe mo'i kala a lea kamaloa kaufaase'e,
Oi kafefe Iesu e alofa mai i le malo pipo!

Manuia le weekend...


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