Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am losing sleep thinking about my babos trip,
I went to Briscoes and bought her a new lunch box and I was looking for a medium sized suitcase, our problem is we have a massive expandable one and I have a small 'tres cher' Samsonite business one, which I will NOT use because it will NOT come back.
I have a bad history with suitcases. My mom and whoever comes through uses my suitcases and I never see them again.
So I try to return the favour and misplace one of her millions scarves while she's here.
This upsets older sister, who is the supplier of stunning pashminas from Arabia.
Meanwhile, little sister who has no care in the world about belongings passes through and buys a top and a pair of shoes spontaneously. Even now and then I see my cousins parade these items on their bebo albums shamelessly. My aunty FL used to walk to our house barefeet and leave quietly with whatever heels are by the door.
This has been a life of misplaced belongings and optune finds.
Which brings me to the point...should I pack MM's good things or only a few? Am i being aiu?

ummm, yes I am, but whose care? chooohooo....!!!

Okay, I'm digressing a bit because I'm trying not to think about my babos trip to Samoa. I know she'll be fine but I'm still worried, I hope she won't miss me.
hmmm, maybe she will forget about me the moment she sees all the cousins and the aunties and the uncles and granma and the rest of the aiga basket.
Breathe easy..phewwww

k, night night, at me house tomorrow for the fonterra crowd, but i'm on antibiotics, so most likely gonna conk out after 2 vinos.
still got shitloads to do for directed study, so Lordy Lord please help!!!

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