Tuesday, June 30, 2009

E o'o le Vao

There are some alagaupus from our language that makes my heart flutter with hope and pride,
words derived from nature used eloquently to tell a story, or get the message across-subtly.
Oka! the suspense of it all, ...thinking about the faatau between two chiefs and the the whole exchange is built on metaphors from legends and geneaology.
A faatau can last hours, but can be summed up as,
"Hello, The Day is glorious, the Lord is with us, You are Great, I am humbly great as well, and today, the Lord brought us together for whatever reason, and we are great together, so help us God and you'll be even greater if you have lots of money for me."

But behold, the words stringed together to present this message are poetic and ...picturesque,
Ua paia le taeao
...The morning/day is sacred, ...
E le falala fua se niu
A coconut tree doesn't just sway
E lele le se ae lama le ti'otala
A se (grasshopper?) flies unawares while the bird preys
E lele le totoa ae maau i le vai
A toloa flies far but comes back to water
E a Ulu e Tafe ae selefutia ai Vaisigano
...umm, Ulu river flows but Vaisigano takes the crap
rather than me offering crass translations unfairly, Click here to get deeper meanings to alagaupus and all Fagogo mai Samoa...the title of my blog.

Essentially, my message is this, Samoan orators need to perfect the art of flattery and ego-boasting to maintain their reputation as a great charismatics but articulate and respected speaker and negotiator.
or in other words,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My sincere condolences to my brother, Andrew Kilisi Solomona

For the sudden loss of his idol, Micheal Jackson.

Kilisi will not admit this now but he used to wear his MJ red jacket in the 80s in the Savaii heat and rock down the village with his stereo doing head spins on a flat board and doing the moonwalk by the road side.
Even his hair was curled and he had a shocking fringe similar to the King of Pop.
Yes - it explained a lot about his sanity today...chooohooo!!!

(I hope my siblings can send me a photo please...i have some at home but they need to be scanned and I forgot where i left them).

Michael Jackson - You ROCK!!!

My brother sent this;...what a fia!

To everyone
I am sure by now you have heard the sad news. Anyways I spoke to Jermaine this afternoon he really want's us to be there. Lani, Tito asked for some palusami and not to worry about ie toga they have heaps. Janet is taking it very hard. ha ha
Ia malo lava hope you all are fine. We are all good and still in recession. Jacob has had a blocked nose so I have taught him to breathe through his butt ha ha. Lio is bigger than you last saw him, he won the best player for his rugby last week, I see a future international referee in this kid ha ha.Ia faatasi le atua ma outou Maria paia e le tina o le atua............ lau le losalio ma tatalo i aso uma. Alofa atu mo outou uma.
Latoya sends her alofa.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Butchering the News

Visa Scam in Niu Sila
In brief, a Maori self-appointed leader
Gerard Otimi sets up meetings where overstayers in New Zealand pay him $500 for supposed rights to remain and be citizens of New Zealand. It was all over the news last week, with the Police taking him into custody last night. Initially, I didn't care about this issue too much. It's far removed from my backyard and I don't have any overstayer cousins and uncles involved the mix. YET (-;
Plus, I said to a friend "Only an idiot would believe this jerk and his bullshit stories. One look at him and all you is is Kuluk...Kuluk Kuluku!!!"
But as the week wears on, the story becomes a debacle of deceit, miscommunication, hearsay and people walking away with bags of cash.

Gerard was interviewed on Maori TV 2 night's ago and he blatantly used our Late and Revered Head of State, Malietoa Tanumafili II's name throughout. He claimed that Malietoa asked him personally to "look after my people"....and he continued to use this line throughout this whole situation.
The catch is,..looking after Malietoa's people involved charging desperate families $500 and in return, they received a stamp allowing them into their hapu and New Zealand.
The nerve of the bastard to use the HOS's name like that?

Worse yet:

Does this document carry any weight with NZImmigation?
Airena: No
Does this stamp tamper with Government of Samoa property: passports?
Yes - But according to Vaasatia Poloma Komiti: No. So he must be right.
Does this stamp stop overstayers from being overstayers?
A resounding big fat NO!
Like the man from Fagamalo said,
"It looks like a scam, it smells like a scam, It costs like a scam. It must be a scam!"

So why are people being sucked into it?
I was baffled when I spoke to someone (who is very educated) that attended one of the meetings. In her mind, the scheme was going to benefit her overstayer relatives and Gerard Otimi is a great man who is on their side.
"So did you pay any money?"
"Yes, but it's okay, they're gonna make the passports VALID documents"
...I look at her blankly and wonder, should I whack your head now or later?

The plot thickens when prominent Samoan people get involved and become translators for this scheme, leading to their dismissal from jobs and positions that they have held for more than 10 years.

Anyhow, thats just my wee(!) rant on this lovely Friday afternoon....

E sa'o ai a:
A fai aku lava e oso ma oso ae le kikilo faalelei pe mo'i kala a lea kamaloa kaufaase'e,
Oi kafefe Iesu e alofa mai i le malo pipo!

Manuia le weekend...


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MM is Home and MENA

And I am elated to have my shadow back in the house.
But it only took a few hours of "lets play puzzles,..again x 20?" and I feel like chucking her on the next flight home.
First I was in tears missing her and now that she's safely home, I'm complaining.
Quit whining you say..okay, enough already.

Because I was feeling really tired at work this arvo, I did some impulsive purchases that will feature on the credit card statement shortly....I reckon Mastercard should offer me the option to NOT show some items on my statement so that I won't sulk over it later. Anyhow, damage done, nothing else I can do about except, wear the beautiful schexy dress.
My cousin-brada Maruja forwarded me a MENA catalogue and I saw a gorgeous black wrap dress that screamed "pick me! pick me!" and 2 minutes and $185 later, i was the proud owner of a hot lil' number.

What's the ig deal?
Of the numerous business ventures that have graced the Apia hemline, MENA is certainly one the few that have found a niche and milked it silly. When they first started, I sacrificed several nights on the booze to afford a gorgeous item from the on sale racks and I loved it. Problem is, Samoa is bloody small, and I got weary of all the people attending the same function wearing the same print. So I boycotted MENA for a wee while, only wearing them when my MENA-devout sister left them lying around by mistake. She can afford it. Lucky Bitch.
ANyhow, I managed to avoid them for a while.
Then I came across the MENA shop in Auckland, and my credit card took a hit once more.
Thankfully, I left Auckland. And now, there's catalogue being emailed to me.
What the hell is going on? My credit card has taking another beating!! argh!
I'm sure it'll be all worth it....I hope!
Anyhow, I am reminded again, of a time when:
A cult of MENA and TAV slappers took to the Tauese streets with an air of I-can-afford-this, so-fark-off" aloftness about them and it was fascinating to watch because as far as I was concerned, I will do just the same. Especially if it costed me a handsome investment.
But hey...beauty comes before the mortgage, so go on..buy yourself a MENA, it's worth every sene.
If youre male and having an affair, buy your girl a MENA, she'll nail you for it
If you're female and want a MENA but can't afford it, have an affair.
It's Samoan, It's beautifully made, It's creative. It's HOT, It's worth it!!
Here's a pic I copied from the MENAwebsite of Anita and James modelling the clothes some years back...

Gorgeous stuff!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Final Countdown

Tomorrow during my lunch break, I'm submitting my case study and Out in the Community Project.
It's been a very tough first semester back at uni and I keep kicking myself mentally for doing this,
Yes, I am a sucker for punishment.
You can point that out again.
Last week, after the fifth night typing away at the wee hours of the morning, I just couldn't fathom why the hell I was doing this.
But my supervisor is not letting me off this easy.
I am such a palaai sometimes, when it came to the last 100 meters, I panicked.
Thankfully much of my work is all internal assessment, so most of the damage is done already.
I am just finding it hard juggling work, uni, baby and sex. Needless to say, I've sent baby to Samoa, worked and studied like an ant and forgot to have sex.
Eh,...I need to win the lotto and my problems would be solved.
And don't give me that psychological inspirational crapola like "money aint everything' coz mark my words, the people saying that are the ones with...EVERYTHING!!
okay, back to work, coz i won't be studying tomorrow, i'll be driving up to AKL to pick up my baby girl...i can't wait!!!
Frenchy and I are having a petty competition, we're gonna stand apart at AKL and see who MM runs to ...heheheh, we're such kids sometimes!!!

Our holiday in Samooooooooaaa

Some photos of my little traveller in Apia, taken by CJ.
She's having lots of fun, I'm sure, with all the cousins and aunties and the whole aiga galore....one more night and she's back to Niu Sila. I can't wait to give her a big cuddle and NEVER let her get away this long until she turns 21 (0:

...but then again, she might be on the next flight to France in a year or so....aww,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I miss my babos

We took her to AKL last night to faamasagi with Aunty Sue and Poppa Jim-and then at 4:30am took her to the AIrport, she was such a trooper, totally cool about the while affair...or maybe just half asleep and knocked out from the pamol??
either way - i was being strong for her but when they had turned the corner, the water works were turns on full....oka, what was I thinking in the first place?
7 more sleeps before I see my babo,...I feel lost without my shadow by my side)-:

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am losing sleep thinking about my babos trip,
I went to Briscoes and bought her a new lunch box and I was looking for a medium sized suitcase, our problem is we have a massive expandable one and I have a small 'tres cher' Samsonite business one, which I will NOT use because it will NOT come back.
I have a bad history with suitcases. My mom and whoever comes through uses my suitcases and I never see them again.
So I try to return the favour and misplace one of her millions scarves while she's here.
This upsets older sister, who is the supplier of stunning pashminas from Arabia.
Meanwhile, little sister who has no care in the world about belongings passes through and buys a top and a pair of shoes spontaneously. Even now and then I see my cousins parade these items on their bebo albums shamelessly. My aunty FL used to walk to our house barefeet and leave quietly with whatever heels are by the door.
This has been a life of misplaced belongings and optune finds.
Which brings me to the point...should I pack MM's good things or only a few? Am i being aiu?

ummm, yes I am, but whose care? chooohooo....!!!

Okay, I'm digressing a bit because I'm trying not to think about my babos trip to Samoa. I know she'll be fine but I'm still worried, I hope she won't miss me.
hmmm, maybe she will forget about me the moment she sees all the cousins and the aunties and the uncles and granma and the rest of the aiga basket.
Breathe easy..phewwww

k, night night,....party at me house tomorrow for the fonterra crowd, but i'm on antibiotics, so most likely gonna conk out after 2 vinos.
still got shitloads to do for directed study, so Lordy Lord please help!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I cannot stop thinking about Luana, not since I heard the tragic news.
She was such a beautiful person, in so many ways.
She had so much going for her,
I've always known Luana as Nola's 'little' sister but gradually came to know the social butterfly, the beautiful personality and her infectious smile.
I hardly knew her, other than the wee chit chat at the cake shop, and then the pubs and lately on bebo...so it's suffice to say, I hardly knew her.
Yet, when I heard the news from my sister, I was so devastated, stumped, speechless.
I didn't want to believe it.
I was in denial and somehow in my mind, I hoped for a miracle, like everyone else...there had to be a way.
And this is me, who hardly knew her.
My heart hurts thinking about her mother, her sisters, her close friends and loved ones.
I can only hope that in time, the pain will ease, but right now, I hope to God that those left grieving are comforted.
Their girl has been a ray of sunshine, of happiness and friendship, they can be proud of their high achiever, that could.
Ia Manuia lau malaga i le Lagi Luana.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Pusi pusi Miau

Pusi pusi miau,
o fea lau fanau?
o la e i tua o le pola
sa alu e fagota
a maua mai se ia
fafao i totonu o le ola
Tina, tina, nofo ia i luga ua tu le mata o le la
Tama, tama, aua le paie ae toaga e alu i uta
Sau Patele ma le pusa masi tele
Ua uma na masaa i le auala tele
O a na mea e i totonu o le ato?
Tasi tamato, 2 fuapato, 3 ????

Now that there is a 2 year old character hanging onto my skirt, my memories of primer one in fusi safotulafai is blinking back on. I remember a little about my first year (pre school) at Saint Theresa, in a tiny fale o'o near the large gatae trees.
Our teacher was Miss Silia, who I always thought would be what Humpty Dumpty's wife looked like.
She was tiny at the bottom and very round in the middle.
She used to play the guitar and make us stand up and sing "oma rapiti X 10".
We all had inspection on Monday mornings- our nails had to be clean and nail- polish free (yes maam, 5 years old do that sometimes:-) and our hair had to be combed back (usually slicked shiny with mama's faguu samoa) and we had to have a hankerchief pinned to the left breast pocket of our blue poplin uniforms.
Failure to comply means a sasa with the salu lima.
Needless to say, I learnt to bite my nails early in life.
So, to transliterate the above nursery rhyme:

Pussy cat meow
Where are your churens?
They are behind the pola
They have been fishing
Whenever they catch a fish
stick it in the basket
Mother, mother, wake up now the sun is already up
Father father, dont be lazy and go to the plantation
The Priest came with a big box of biscuit
That has spilled out on the street
what are those in the basket?
one tamato, 2 duck eggs and.....??

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Can you help please???

I urgently need contacts for KVA Consult or for the principal person, Kolone Vaai. His company did the poverty report from the 2002 Household Income and Expenditure Survey in Samoa and I need to buy a copy to use in the analysis of the SQ and RSE survey that the Stats Bureau did. Although KVA have a web site it gives no phone or e-mail contacts.

does anyone have access to their contact info please???
It's Wednesday, its -5 degrees celsius (hmmm, how can I type in degrees celsius rather than spelling it?) and I'm going to have a productive and successful day.
As soon as I am done with this unproductive post.
I've dropped off Babos at daycare, Frenchy's watching soap operas at Ward 7 and I will head to uni to update my very overdue survey and case study.
Because I can.
Yes I can.
So help my Allah! and any other deity tuning in.

This week, I'm at uncertain crossroads, with very uncertain directions.
My choices are hampered by work commitments and a hefty mortgage
My heart is wanting to drop everything and be a broke and careless student.
The olds say we have it easy, we have material things and gadgets that make life breezy
But they got it wrong, they had it all, the family and the many people that carried their children while mothers bounced back to work.
I hate that I am debating these choices.
Anyhow, enough blabbering, I am going to uni to finish what I started.
And leave the housework for the house elves and the fairies to do.
I have 2 weeks before my babo travels to Samoa without us, and I am lying awake thinking about it, what to pack, what to write on my list...mosquito rid, cookies, nappies, swimming togs (but only for 20 minutes) with a hat and sun screen, her favourite puzzles, winnie the pooh books, winnie the pooh movie, Nemo, soya milk powder, towel, le snak, wipes, more nappies, ofu lotu, drink bottle, Pamol, baby vicks, bonjela, weleda teething powder in case she gets one there, .
I know she's not going to Sierra Leone but I just don't want her to go hungry or sick or thirsty ahhhhggghhh, no she's not going damn it!