Sunday, May 24, 2009

This post is not about me.
hmmm, strange....
...ahhh, nothing to talk about then, hehehe
No, on a serious note, this month is memorable for many reasons:
-41 prisoners escaped momentarily from Tafaigata and the High Commissioner finally put his illegally smuggled guns to good use., shooting the tyres of the bus to stop the prisoners.

-The Censorship office boss has banned the gay rights movie Milk, and now, Angels and Demons because it its an offense to ummm straight people and catholics or something along those lines.
I find it ironic that in public, same sex relations is condemned, but in many churches, in organisations, government, all aspects of Samoan society, faafafines play a huge role.
Our district have choirs with well known high sopranos that have a bit more 'base' and a bit more stuble than your average Sina, so whats the big deal???
Take Hazy (Hazle) for example.
Hazy is a faafafine from Savaii. Since the 1980s, Hazie has been a very flambouyant and colourful character in the pageantry and makeki scene. People know her/im as the cheerful, loud, your typical faafafine.
But at the end of the day, Hazie is a matai Samoa who has a great plantation and deeply involved with her village, attending fogo a makai, meetings etc.
Hazy used to visit us, arriving with a large basket of taro, or taamu or ufi, depending on what was in season from his plantation.
We would usually hear him come, not so different from the roar of an unexpectedly tsunami on a calm day.
First, you'll see the bleached hair, then the bling bling, the loud dress, the worn heels and the whore red lipstick.
And then in one hand a heavy basket of taro and the other, a dainty handbag from CCK.
Palagis (mainly men) used to stop and take pictures, until they got groped by Hazy and they quickly learn to move on.
Anyhow, he defies perception and label put on him.
He is comfortable in his own skin and makes his voice heard.
We should just ge over our prejudices and start being more open-minded.

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