Friday, May 08, 2009

My Aiga Basket

It's Saturday night in the Bronx.
The Honda CRVs are slowing down to pick up their packages a few houses down and the occasional Police Fords cruise past with brown delinquents at the start of a life of crime. Bottles are strewn across the darkened alleyway, televisions are blaring volumes for rugby-mad Super 14 supporters with Bourbon & cola six packs. Cher bro. Cher cher. You munta. Sweet aye. Cool as bro. Bro. Bugga. Yeah mite. Pass the smokes Uncle Buck.
Its just another evening in Manurewa, choohooo!!!

My first focus group starts tomorrow afternoon, I have invited 25 participants, knowing that half will not turn up., 12-15 is the best crowd for me.
I have given the questionnaire to several people already to fill in, 35 questions which takes approximately 10 -15 minutes to complete.
Already, I have identified my first challenge/barrier: LANGUAGE.
The questionnaire is in English, however for the Focus Group, I am conducting this in Samoan and assisting the participants with the Questions.
The hope is that the participants can share about their choices regarding remitting to the islands.
Ironically, I went with my uncle Saua to the shops this morning and as I was walking out of the Money Transfer shop, I met a girl that was part of the Group that I took to Germany. She was a stunning samoan dancer and had a nice figure, now she is huge and almost unrecognisable behind the extra layers. We had a wee chat about what she was up to etc and she came to NZ after the Group returned from Europe. She won a place in the NZ Quota Programme and has been here since, she is married with a son. She tells me that her hubby doesnt want her to dance anymore and she's stopped working since baby was born. Even though her hubby was made redundant last week, she has to send money for her mom's contribution to the Mother's service in her village.
I sure hope they manage with all the pressures put on them.
That's right, my research is about remittances to Samouah.

ANyhow, our rugby team The Mighty Chieves taught the Hurricanes a lesson or two tonight. Ua make ai! I am being extra mean tonight because NO ONE we know has sided with the Chieves this week...the Manurewans especially have been brutal at the start, saying our victory would be shortlived...Isa laia!!! ...Hurricanes, please blow your gale force winds back down, its obstructing our victorious views hahaha.

Wow, Ive never had this long a time to blog freely....on a computer with a very cooperative keyboard and a lovely office swivel chair seat, where I am seating in an OSH-perfect focus-on-your-core position. I'm usually hunched over the laptop in a slouchy or lying down position while the News is on. Very unhealthy.

Speaking of unhealthy, I love coming here. Aunty Aniva makes panipopos with coconut cream. I LOVE panipopos. Every time to come to see my family, I gain weight and lose money. I love my family nevertheless.
Just some updates about whats happening in the world this week:
Job Losses in NZ.
Mcdonalds adding more shops.
Gunman dead in Napier.
Foa and Ioane did not fight over the PS2 this arvo.
Police Dog Fi is alive and well
Druggie is found in a dinghy in Samoa, destination unknown.
My pule is a bitch.
Barbara Dreaver is a cold and inconsiderate journalist who should be fired by TVNZ.
Nico came back from Tahiti this morning
Tau and Mex coming soon!!!
Lagipoiva is going to Oxford.
I lobbied for Greenpeace during stkhldr negotiations on Emmissions Trading Scheme.
And clashed with Agriculture, Forestry, SME's and Citizens. I hate being green.
Richard Kahui is hotness in Cantebury shorts.
Lani is coming over for a course.
I bought MM a pair of green apple shoes from the children's shop for $5
Bainimarama is still the fijian dictator.
My cousin Liki is still a drunk.
The American President is African-American.
My aunty Aniva makes the best pagipopos.
SpongeBob Square Pants!!!
See the resemblance? Spongebob panipopo ...yes, we were bored....
"This Spongebob has three legs!!"

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