Thursday, May 28, 2009

Go the Chiefs you good thing!!!!!


Dear Diary.
Tomorrow is Tauilagi's pre-birthday at home., a chance for him to practice snuffing out the candles before the real partay in Samoa with the rest of the aiga basket.
My sister Lani, brother Simon and co, AUnty Aniva and co and maybe Maruja and co might come down. Tau's gramps are also driving from Wellingtown to spend time with Tau while his mama and Maeva's mama retrace their steps in the ol' htown haunts.
watch out cowville, two drunk fobs coming your way heheh.
Oka, I am also depressed thinking about the amount of work i have to do for uni. I have NOT started on the datd analysis for the focus groups, have NOT started on the case study and the Out in the Community project. I am so damn slack it's not funny.

Lastly, please pretty please, don't forget to sign onto, a Greenpeace initiative to encourage more people to sign up towards the Climate change campaign. This is in the hope that NZ along with other countries sign an agreement to reduce emmissions by 40% by 2020.
So do our environment a favour and sign on.....

World Peace peoples, ..and hail to the Queen of England for the long weekend.
cheers Queen E, you rock!!!

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