Friday, May 01, 2009

Ua e vevegi lava!

Today is probably the coldest day since the start of 2009.
I raided my wardrobe and realised my jeans were all from last year and have also shrunk in the wash. So I left MM with Frenchy and went to the Base for some ME shopping. Because I only had a V drink and a mince pie for lunch, I drove through the golden arches and grabbed a cheeseburger combo for the ride. I'm not kidding when i say "drove through". They were so efficient that the process took only 2 minutes...theres fast processed food for ya!
They are generally hopeless and slloooowww on a good day.
Anyhow, back to me.
"ME" time is like manna from heaven these days.
When it does come round, I don't know myself.
So off I went to General Issue - tried on the skinnies, nope. Hardly flattening.
Next, Just Jeans - super skinnies - nope, tight around the upper thighs region.
"Maybe you should try a size up" pipes the size 0 emaciated skank at the dressing room.
so I stopped.
And stepped back into the dressing room, and did the unthinkable,
I looked at my reflection and looked for a painful 30 seconds.
Yes - face the bridget jones music.
My ass is expanding.

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