Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pregnant Seasonal Worker hides pregnancy

I do honestly try to stray away from touchy issues especially in my plans to mind my own business.
But something tells me I am especially made to butt in at the wrong time and simply..."rock the boat baby".
What brought me back to this interfering mode is the recent event where a mother gives birth on Polynesian Blue and tries to leave without the poor baby.
Google the story coz i aint retelling and misquoting it, as I usually do.
My point is, and I've said this before,
"Samoan parents, stop thinking your daughters and nieces are virgins until marriage, give them the pill and talk to them about safe sex!!!"
The Church will never do it, so where is the next best place to teach young people and influence the older generation? The women's committee, the schools, the civil societies, the tertiary levels, everywhere.
As a young samoan woman (okay, I'm not so young anymore) but all the same, I abhor our cultures attitude to sexuality.
I loath how we shun from the truth and pretend all is fine under the palm fronds. This is why we are having so many problems in our society, because we have an aversion to "caring about the issues that matter".
Our priorities are so messed up in our society. We put emphasis on the church, but rather than nurturing and enlightening our spirits we go because we have to.
We brag about a culture of respect, our language is littered with idealogical words like ava fatafata, va fealoai, tofamamao rarararara but in practice, we do otherwise.
Our leaders should STOP and come up with an emergency plan to counter these problems.
Declare a State of Emergency
Send out educators and nurses and Viopapa Annandale to spread the word about safe sex.
Set up Family Planning in Salelologa and Asau and Falealili and Mulifanua. TRAIN trainers from FLO, SVU aand other NGOS, SUNGO should coordinate these trainings since they have access to all those funds.
Okay....calm down maam, coz none of the above is going to happen.

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Penelope Iakopo Price said...

Sa'o lelei le saunoaga. Time after time i offered my help to my cousins and often times they would reply by saying they are virgins. Well, you and i know the truth and it is sad that most parents, teachers, churches and our government are not doing anything to help. I am not giving up though. A few weeks ago i suggested to my mom that they "faifeaus" need to offer sex education to teens and young adults. I am determined to beat this idea in my parents' brains until they get it. My brother is also putting their two cents in the matter, well i encourage them to because like you said, the Samoa we know is gone.

I really enjoy reading your blog.