Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lance Polu might have ruined it for all of us

So, last week - the media was invited to the STA mini board room to meet with the producer /person from a popular American tv show, lets call it "Robinson Crusoe".
They requested extreme discretion - as they usually do wherever they film as part of their deal.
This didn't go down well with the media, who demanded that they be told everything.
Apulu apparently stormed out, followed by Keni and others.
I know this because they all bitched and moaned about it in their editorials.
This is where I feel the media abuses the "freedom of information" notion. This actually does not apply in this particular case because as a company, the palagi has consulted the local authority and have even consulted the media. And laid down the rules. Just like the launch of the America's Cup, the latest Ipod, the newest bra from Victoria Secrets. Thay have every right to keep discreet their trade secrets so long as what they are doing is not ethically ummm okay.(forgot the word sole)
Samoa is probably the first country where this show approached that they will pull out, because the media threw their toys out of the cot and sulked.
On the other hand, STA could have handled it better, but hey, you can't ask for too much here!
Anyway...If the show does not air, I am not too worried.
It is a little blessing in disguise - stalling the unnecesary influx of tourism to our little paradise, turning it into another Denarau or Waikiki.
I call it "stalling" because it is gradually happening and we are losing our "smallness" and pristine isolated shorelines to Warwicks and Sheratons and whoever else the Government wants to attract.

yep...two contradicting thoughts, same difference,
different day.

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