Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuilaepa's my Man this week

Tuilaepa is not mincing words with the self-appointed leader of Fiji.
And I like it.
Finally, someone has the balls to stand up to Bainimarama and tell him where to get off!!!
Check out this AAP article:
The Samoan leader mocked Bainimarama's ridiculous full military garb and the need for an army, saying "perhaps Bainimarama fears a combined canoe attack from Tuvalu and Kiribati," its closest neighbours.

He also told Fijians to wake up.

"Stand up and reclaim your government. It is your God-given right," Tuilaepa said.

No more diplomacy fluffing with words, just straight to the point,...shoot the ponat, choohooo!!!
That's 10 points for Stui, -5 points for Bainimarama....ding ding ding!!!!

speaking of ding dings:

The most exciting news this week is, David "O for Awesome" Tuaman VS Shane "Ginger" Cameron bout is happening in My backyard, so if anyone out there need accommodation, come to my house - we have a huge lawn to pitch your tent, only $50 a block.
Portaloo included (-:
Not many Samoans in Auckland are too thrilled about the venue, especially since they have to venture out of South Auckland island and into New Zealand!!!

Just because Tuilaepa is my man this week don't mean I am okay with his brash decisions on the home front. But hey, we can't have it all, right?

Lastly, let me take you to a place, that only last night resurfaced in my mind,...

Just for Today
I am
Allowed pink lipistiki on my lips
Large clip-on pearl earrings
Perfumed frangipanis around my head
And almost new shoes under my feet

Just for Today

I have
Bright-brand new panties,
Green for the morning service
Purple for the afternoon service
Green again for the Evening Meet
Still sweetly-smelling of moth balls and closet.

Just for Today

I am
Eating fried eggs and suddenly bacon
Feasting first while adults serve
Having milky tea and buttered bread
Kisses and hugs before church

Just For Today

I am
Briefly taught to speak
To my fellow villagers in our church
To Recite the plight of Israel
Noah, David and the Dead Pharasies

Just for Today

I am
The blessed child
Fed first and relieved of errands
Reminded sternly to make the most of it
Because its back to reality next week

Just for Today
I wish,
That it was White Sunday
Every week.

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