Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dummy Run

I was running late.


I was running because I was very very late.

I force fed my toddler her coco pops, quickly changed her clothes, for the third time this morning.

And rushed her towards the back door.

“My dummmiiiieee” she wails agonisingly and drops flat on the kitchen floor, wailing in her Macbeth Act 1, scene three dramatic pose.

Quickly, I flipped over the living room, bathroom, bedrooms,

“No dummy bebe, lets go see youre friends at day care”

“Nooooooooooooooo, Dummmiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

This time, she’s causing bodily harm to herself, head-butting the pantry wall.

Hands on my hips, pissed off at the huge delay this was causing,

I retorted “But you have to help me look for it, LOOK! Titilo! Regard“
Searching some more, frantically for that darned dummy,
10 minutes pass by without luck.

Furniture upturned, toys scattered, drawers disturbed.

I stop midway through the bedsheets and realise, she’s no longer in the kitchen,
Or the bedroom, or anywhere in the house.

Minor panick attack,

“MM? MM? MM?”

Dashing outside, worried sick, skipping the slippery steps out the back,
Slowly, twisting my right angle – landing on my backside on the wet dewey freshly mowed grass

As I hasten to ease my position.

I hear a wee voice coming from the garden,
“Ouch mom”

MM smiles, walked towards me and pats my forehead.

“Look Mom, Fall, ouch, ouch!”


Her words are not clear,

For she has a dummy between her teeth.


Vivian said...

Every mother can appreciate this story. You are a very entertaining and interesting writer.

Omega ; Alex said...

Ha ha go MM. that's a very hilarious morning indeed.