Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Australia being a bully in the Pacific

This is my official response, as issued my Press Office chooohoooo...
e ke maua Barack Aulama?

There has a lot of debate about Autralia and (not so much) New Zealand's bullying role in the Pacific and more apparent in the Forum.

You decide your viewpoint, but here's my 20 sene contribution:

Samoa relies heavily on aid and assistance for sustainance. Aid. Grants.
Projects funded by AUSAID, JICA, Canada Fund, NZAID, Unlce Mao Tse Tung etc to name a very few.

Without these avenues, our country would be struggling financially, academically, medically and so forth.

For that reason, these countries have every right to have some say in how their money is spent and should have every right to influence our country's position in the region.

I liken Samoa to being the pin-up fresh-faced hottie of the Pacific, who wins the approval of the big kahunas (aka pimps).

Yet, when their backs are turned, the pin-up girl is actually a skank who two, three times the different pimps at the same time.

Yes yes to China, Yes please to Rudd, Thank you very big to Japan and Haere Mai to New Zealand.

That is all very well, but isn't it a bit rich for our country to start growing a spine and saying "we are independent, stop bullying us?"

Some people need to get over this arrogance and admit that Samoa is a DEPENDENT state.

Face the music people!!!

I am all for Samoa mo Samoa and rarara but for fucks sake, have a look around - who is building the hospitals? who is paving the roads, who is upgrading the wharf, who is travelling overseas every months for supposed "meetings" at exorbitant per diems and clothing allowances?

I only wish these beneficiaries would look at the countries donating and realise that there are people being taxed shitless there.

And for what?

For nothing in return.

I know my views will offend those die-hard patriotic people like ahem, my mother one of my sisters, and all the proud peoples out there who are all for development and all that gooey "save the dolphins" sort of thing, but I dare say, If you want sing your independent tune, then buy your own microphone, and don't borrow Mao Tse Tung's stage!!!

Didn't you hear? Samoa's stimulus package/ plan has been unveiled!!
The gist if it is "Grow Bananas"

After all, he's got the master plan:

He's switching the road code over, meaning you can drive your Made in Japan camri to your FAO funded plantation so when harvest comes, you'll be able to tackle recession by the bollocks, with ...bananas!!!

My message is, accept the fact that we are a nation that is selling its soul, its culture, its land and everything we are proud of.

We may not like it, but that where we are headed.

We are too complacent for our own good. We sit on our asses and bitch about the government and corruption but come election day, we are mostly gonna vote HRPP because our culture has been manipulated to work for modern politics.

Because our traditional alligiances will preside over what we know is best for our families and country.

So buckle up, because it is all downhill from here.

Have a positive day Samoa choohhooo!!!!

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