Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We've lost an inspiration

I only found out today that another great warrior had left us,
Epeli Hauo'fa, an academic who ignited a literary and proud passion in me, as a woman of the vast Oceania(arrrhrrrr:-)

I belive that he is the first to coin the phrase "Our sea of islands" and enlightened so many in his path.

He overturned our sense of isolation and "smallness" and insisted that we are more than just insignificant dots on the geographical map.

I'm a sucker for optimists, and very more so for Pacific optimists because they are few and far between. There is not enough optimism to go around.

I'm sad because he leaves a gap that needs to be filled.

I have a signed copy of this book, as a reminder that our notions of inferiority is simply a sorry state of mind.

He made me realise the huge potential we have as a people of the oceania and that we are capable of so much more.

But over the centuries, we have belittled ourselves.
We are raised, maimed and aged into modernised idealogies and mindsets of smallness and insignificance. Even more so ingrained by the introduction of the western world.
We become the "othered" in modern system.

Sadly, this cycle conntinues today.

See how much influence Epeli has on me?

I go off in a tangent all on my own, during working hours even.
I dedicate the Year 2008 to Epeli Hauofa.

I am hopeful that we have many more inspirational people like Epeli, who inspired a yearning for others to learn, share and excell in their journeys from the coconut groves to a world of greatness and significance.
He is my "Man of the Year"

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