Friday, December 19, 2008



Is fun and cheerful in my village

Is Blasting "Mary's Boy Child" reggae on speakers from Otara

and Pasi o le Vaa

Is riding my bike through the village

Is watching manu ao singing on the illuminated road

Is envying the family with the white skinned visitors from "outside"

Is being joyful and kissing everyone you meet, knowing you will kiss them again

after New Year's church service.


Christmas is, for pubescent adults a time to sneak under banana trees

doing things their mothers won't appreciate

Despite always getting caught

And having her hair cut short

Because they say, "they are related, makaifale"

Christmas is joyful

When our troubles are forgotten ever so briefly

Enemies are befriended and scores settled, temporarily

Whatever the case, lets all be merry

Hoping and wishing all loved one and friends

A very happy Christmas and an even better New Year

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