Friday, December 19, 2008



Is fun and cheerful in my village

Is Blasting "Mary's Boy Child" reggae on speakers from Otara

and Pasi o le Vaa

Is riding my bike through the village

Is watching manu ao singing on the illuminated road

Is envying the family with the white skinned visitors from "outside"

Is being joyful and kissing everyone you meet, knowing you will kiss them again

after New Year's church service.


Christmas is, for pubescent adults a time to sneak under banana trees

doing things their mothers won't appreciate

Despite always getting caught

And having her hair cut short

Because they say, "they are related, makaifale"

Christmas is joyful

When our troubles are forgotten ever so briefly

Enemies are befriended and scores settled, temporarily

Whatever the case, lets all be merry

Hoping and wishing all loved one and friends

A very happy Christmas and an even better New Year

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Creating a Family Tree

Lord give me the strength to compete our Family Tree successfully without offending and having the aunties flare their nostrils at me for not having their third names hyphenated correctly.

So, its 26 days away from the Tiatia Lokeni First ever Family Reunion and I shot myself in the foot by offering to create the Family Tree.

Who was I kidding anyway?

I'm only up to the 6th wife/partner and the siblings themselves don't know everyones names!!!

I know for a fact I will piss off 3 aunties and 2 uncles because the order in which the wifes/partners appear is "incorrect".

It is damned hard to please everybody, so I will endeavor to put the blame on someone else (-:

While i'm at it, I just want to vent and huff about our laxed island mentality - our elders have been meeting almost monthly for a year, organising the reunion.

26 days to go and there is no structured programme for the 3 days.

The reunion leader (this position has been changed twice now) said "we'll sort that out when we get there!!!"

so so typical!!!

Last sunday, i attended one of the meetings for the first time in a long long time (since i used to work sundays),. It was at Cornwall Park on a glorious day with happy people picnicking on the grass, palagis playing cricket and our family eating chicken hearts and mamoe lololo....gotta love it!!

There were three generations at the park, Tiatia Lokeni's children (from 4 different mothers this time), his grandchildren (like me) and the little people like Gafoaleata, Ioane and MM.

All went well until Aunty Aniva whacked out the jandal and started beating lil' Ioane for running to the road.

Have you watched that movie "The day the earth stood still?"

Well, I haven't but every single person stopped and watched as this crazy woman beat her child senseless with a seevae kosokoso.

A cousin ran to stop the madness and she was almost tackled to the ground, and then another managed to stop Aniva.

At that moment, the only song playing in my head was "I want to sink into the ground right about now" but before that, give Aniva the same beating she just gave Ioane.

Why did she have to ruin it all for everyone else? and for Ioane?

Why the need for excessive beatings? Arghhhhhh, I hate this so much!

I hate that our own, family use beatings so freely to discipline the young.

Ironically enough, we were meant to leave MM with Aniva that arvo so we could go to ALicia Keys concert.

Needless to say, I wont be dropping any child of mine off to that crazy woman.

Reminds me of when we were little and Uncle Satuu used to get out the salu lima or (the hose if it was a Type A offence like swimming in the pool all day) and sasa us until we would limp home and compare our bruises.

Bad bad example set for the rest of the family however, it had insired me to come up with a theme for our youth presentation: "Violence is NOT the answer" and we will lobby to make the reunion "Smoke Free and Alcohol Free" ...hmmm, looks like i won't be making many friends at the reunion.

aw well, their problem not mine.

now, back to that Family tree with the numerous branches from various known and unknown roots, pity we didnt have condoms readily available at the market back in the going to write my next update on why there are so many "roots" to this tree of mine.