Monday, November 24, 2008

When the Law becomes an afterthought

A few months back, I read in one of the Samoan Observer articles about a 3 years old girl being molested by some dumb fark from Sogi, I was momentarily stumped by the cruelty and indecently forced on this poor babe.

A three year old girl is indecently assaulted, by a 19 year old male.

He admits touching her private parts, on numerous occasions. Apparently, the child's hymen was torn.

3 year old child. Baby. Little. Broken.

In the Samoa Observer edition, it stated that " Chief Justice Patu Tiava’asu’e Falefatu Sapolu accepted the accused’s statement that he only played with the victim’s private parts.
Remember this is a defenseless innocent baby!

"He maintained his denial of the allegation of having committed an indecency on the girl resulting in her hymen being torn.

Chief Justice Patu accepted the denial.

He said some would say that the mother should not allow a male to wash, dry and put on the clothes of her daughter.

“It puts the accused in a position of temptation,” Chief Justice Patu said.

It was “risky” for a parent to allow it.

(so you meant its the parents fault for trusting someone with their child, and its their fault for assuming that this male wont just wash, dry and dress her? that he was the innocent party, that the naked 3 year old shouldn't have been exposed to him?)
“In my opinion, the degree of criminality ... in this case is at the low end of the scale.”

Low end of the scale? I say this Judge needs to reassess and rethink this decision. This is heartless.

It seems as if indecent assault is not very high on his radar.

No wonder there is so much of this happening in Samoa, and it will continue to be the case, and thanks to CJ Sapolu, it will get worse.

Seeing how lightly the courts consider it, the rapist is getting a tap on the hand and goes back to raping young innocent defenseless children.

If the law isn't going to save them, and the culture continues to silence them, then what hope have they?

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its just moi said...

o m g...i should read the paper more often. this is f*%$#@! BS. I can not believe this idiot got away with this. everyone keeps singing that they are 'concerned' about the level of incest and molestation in samoa, and yet look at how we allow it to slip under the radar. i say get a list of these idiots names and string em somewhere for all to know. if the law is going to sit by and do nothing then parents better be informed and beware!!////..i was speaking to a young samoan female recently and we were talking about her so it seems, peaceful village where everyone is related and therefore not allwoed to court in the village...and she said... oh you do not want to know how many boys/older men have shown me their willes, on my way to the shop, from behind a fence, etc..always as she was going somewhere..and when she was under 10 blew me away. you just can not trust ANYone..apart from mom dad and hubby these days...sad sad sad