Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Joe Keil

Count on the AMerican system to bugger this up.

Joe Keil does not deserve the treatment from the Amercians.

Yep, the same Americans he fought for while he was in the military, along with his siblings and half his family. Ya never know what youre gonna get with these people.
Joe Keil is the one person, the one politician who has made such a huge difference for so many people in Samoa and others alike.

He has spent his life serving others, including America, the land of the "supposed" free, only to be told "ummm, sorry mate, you may have fought our wars but you aint one of us".

When will this bullying end? I wonder.

He has done nothing but try to inspire others, he has sent hundreds of young people abroad towards opportunities, and has encouraged those in Samoa.

I should know, I see him on the street, talking to the gardeners, not as a political stunt but because that is the person he is. He knows people by name.

I hope that Joe Keil is okay and hoping even more my darling Nathan is not missing his dad too much.This is so so farken unfair.<

Photo from Island Business website

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