Friday, August 08, 2008

Airing the dirty laundry in Marshall, Rumour Has It.

so, here i am thinking we've got real corrupt dramas in our island nation but then I start getting emails about everything that the Marshall Islands govt dont want you to know!!!

Why my email? You may ask?

Because i was subscribed to receive Marshall Islands updates from their Press Secretariat, after meeting their delegation at the PI Forum when the leaders met in Auckland.

So, I won't make any judgements because I am only a spectator watching the dog fight from the grandstands but it does make for interesting reading.

And its definitely ticking off the "important" people because they are responding and its childishly animating.

Somtimes I wish someone would have the balls to do the same in Samoa, but then again, what do we get out of it?

"Awareness" for a start, but no real steps towards positive change.

They will simply be anonymous Rumours, and that's the problems with remaininig anonymous. No real actual physical backing. hmmmm....

On the other hand, I do sympathise with this initiative and those of discontent Islanders, because the reality is that we live on islands that are too small for freedom of speech and too narrow for speaking your mind.

You piss off the wrong crowd and you find yourself jobless, or worse, roasted between lava rocks.

You only have to look at our own country, where people channel their frustrations through Samoa Observer but very rarely with actual names. Because you can't afford to piss off the Government. That, my friend is a fact.

Frankly, the democratic process is maimed slightly when it is adopted by small islands with fat issues, because people definitely do not have the unconsequential freedom nor security to speak against unjust political decisions.
Our only hope is speaking as Opposition in Mulinuu, but hello Vancouver, airena opposition in Samoa.

They're too busy scratching their balls and fighting amongst themselves.

Anyhow, subscribe and be informed. good or bad, thats for you to decide.

Here's a copy of the July 15th email, very juicy stuff indeed!!!

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Lalomanu at dusk, 2007