Monday, May 12, 2008

Remember, you are unique, just like everybody else

hmmm, love fury logic right now.

I'm just writing out of the need to write, because l"o"ife is too short.

.....................well, i would be more inclined to write but my two sisters are in the same room and they tend to disrupt my peace of mind. Clatter here, clatter there, yada yada make me a cuppa rarara.

next thing ya know, it's 11:59pm and nothing has been accomplished.

A lot has happened that needs mentioning. For my own sanity.

Pride and deceit.

One thing that is prevalent with our own people"s" is this, unreasonable "pride".

So many people have setbacks, real issues but its pride that stops them for admitting it.

I understand this because I am a product of this culture. All the ipu maka'eka'e come out of the sefe when the faifeau comes to visit.

I see my elders giving her last $100 tala to the faletua and says "something for your pasese"....and she lives 3 houses down the dirt path.

.....lets digress a lil' bit here, becuase again, my train of thought has been derailed yet again.

Older sister is showing me a video clip of my mother riding a camel in Oman last year. What a sight. She flew over in November and older sister asked, "What do you wants to do mother?"

"Eh, ka fia ki'eki'e i se kamela"


its just moi said...

HEy! good to see you (trying) to get back on the horse (or should i say, camel?? he he) looks like your blog here aint finished, I guess we'll have to await another quiet moment in your chaotic mommy and sister filled time!! LOL!no probs though, some of us have nothing better to do anyways!! he he!! take care
regards from us!

Moira said...

I'm putting together a website on Samoa and I plan to include a page on blogs about, for, and by Samoans on it. I'd like to include a link to your blog if that's ok with you. I hope to launch the website "All About Samoa" by the end of June. Please email me at to let me know either way or you can also leave a message for me on my blog here