Thursday, May 29, 2008

Clydesdale's Polynesians

Clydesdale, a wanker of an academic presents a study basically summing that "Polynesians are a downfall to the NZ economy".

He reckons that "these people" should not be brought into the country anymore because they do not contribute to the economy.

Firstly, Clydesdale. I am hoping an uneconomical Polynesian will bitch smack your redneck face with a jandal.

He goes on to say that the whole NZ/Polynesian relationship is a "mismatch" and we (NZ) should not bring in any more (coconuts).

I, as a taxpaying hard working Polynesian am dissapointed because this man -the nerve of the bastard! has basically made a sad generalisation about a people who have "also" contributed to this very floundering economy.

What Clydesdale chooses to overlook, is that Polynesians are here because NZ needed them in the first place - Polynesians have been running the factories, harvesting your crops, cleaning your streets and making up your sports teams while skinny pakehas where skipping ropes under pohutukawa trees.

If you are calling this NZ/Polynesian relationship a mismatch, then what of the relationship bewteen the maoris and the white NZ? (and frankly, Maoris have been telling you for aeons for fark off to no avail!)

I thought people like Clydesdale died off back in the Hitler era - but nope-they still exist.

What about the fact that Polynesians also represent those born in New Zealand -who have contributed from the start? Born to immigrant parents but neverthless KIWI!
This is why I reckon these arrogant academics should get out of their enclosed lecture theatres and see the reality that is New Zealand.

To blame Polynesians for their own demise is sad.

We are not asking for extra resources, nor a hand out - hell no, in fact, it is the white man who is labelling me and telling me what is best for me.

Telling me from birth that I am 'at risk' that I am from a "low socio-economic background, that I am most likely to NOT succeed.

It is attitudes like this man that sends us backwards.
It gives everyone dead ends, not solutions.

How can someone say "Lets not bring any more in?" as if they are an unwanted bag of lausului?

So bringing in Brits will be a better option?

Hello Houston! The better qualified Brits won't even move to NZ only to earn a fraction of their current income!, The ones itching to migrate are also economy drainers, (to borrow Clydesdale's notions), factory workers and unskilled people

The criminals and the drop outs that this researcher considers the voice of Polynesians are first and foremost, a product of the system.
The white man's system.

They failed because most are born into a society where they do not belong, they are Pacific Islanders in low docile schools with limited resources. But hey, they are also New Zealanders, born right here in Middlemore and Poirirua.

Thus, it is NOT a Polhynesian problem. It is a New Zealand problem. Irrespective of colour, race or geographical origins. Oka, do some research on Martin Lurther King next time polo!
How sad is that? They are only NZers if they succeed? But Polynesian if they are hopeless and kalepe fale all over? I gant biliv it

Finally, yes - there is a finally - this putrido does raise some valid points, yes-there are actually valid points in all this - that is, many Polynesians are underachieving, many are breaking into houses right now, many are not contributing to economic growth.
But for fark's sake, we can't all be Jonah Lomus and Winnie Labans and Goddesses like me!!!

Remember, for one Tana Umuga, there is a several hundred toilet cleaners.

For one David Tua, there are five hundred strawberry growers,

For one Albert Wendt, there are two hundred people at the freezing works.

And for a generation of All Black players, there a Mongrel Mob hopefully headed Clydesdale's way.
What a stink ass man


World Wide said...

Hahaha.. A-to the-Men, Madaam Goddess!

How about stick to the facts and let us draw our own conclusions about what Polynesians are 'likely' to contribute (or not) to the community.

Otherwise, how about place blame for such depressing stats where it belongs - on poor education, low income, fickle legislation, misappropriation of government funds, etc. - not on which cardinal point our ancestors migrated from.

Or how about maybe Clydesdale's bullshit-reporting skills might have been better spent on a witch-hunt for the asshole that caused NZ industry to lose almot 50,000 jobs in the last few months.

How about a little perspective here, a ea? :)

its just moi said...

OMG is all I can say. To think, someone, or some 'people' would have had to allow him to conduct such a study!here here to the gnag of mongrel mob members!LOL! and you are so right, what does he think would happen if the entire population of PIs up and left their beautiful (but not really 'theirs' by the looks of him either!)country! NZ would crash and burn thats what...

Fotu said...


Well said, as usual. Thanks for informing and for the laugh.

What an effing idiot.

Se'i ku vae lua ifo ai a se Polynesian i le ua o le paka!

APasulka said...
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Fotu said...

Not sure if you read an Article about Andre Vltchek calling the two Samoa's a failure?

Another grossly generalised distorted account of Polynesians wasting away.

The guy was murdered in his comments though. I think the entire website (Atlantic Free Press) has gone down as a result.

I have a copy somewhere if you haven't read it.

Hope alls well with you and your family suga