Thursday, January 03, 2008

For 2008, I hope to be more organised - diarising at work, and at home more consistently.

I will travel more - to Europe and hopefully Oman/Dubai(eaither one-to see Mex)

I will make more money -by being more efficient with my time, using the systems given more effectively, paying more attention to detail, service calling, taking initiatve in product knowledge, familiarise myself with industry website processes, destinational knowledge, sell more insurance and make more money.

Can't you tell i work in sales???

I will drink less coffee, walk more, be kinder (thats a toughie), eat less chocolate, play sport, go to church at least once a month, get in touch with loved ones more by traditional means such as seeing them, or writing snail mail to them, (Bebo, Facebook doesn't count),

So, Help Me God.


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