Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weve all been driving on the stupid side of the road, Samoa

Ridiculously Hard-headed Dicktator

Uncle Tui said that the reasoning behind introducing Right Hand Drive to Samoa next year is to make it easier for the Samoan family to be more mobile, move inland and be safe from rising sea levels!!!


Where do I start?

Gawd, it seems like this dude needs a knock on the left side of his brain to get back to his right senses!!!

I am so truly dissapointed with *Uncle Tui, because up until this very (politically) suicidal decision, I have actually admired his initiatives in the last few years, thrusting Samoa forward in such a stunning manner, siphoning grants and funding from every nook and corner possible, yet still standing tall and claiming an air of self-sustanance.

Simply put, we're broke as, we appreciate your help Mao Tsu Tung, but fark up off, we're independent and proud and stand on our own two feet!
(Albeit vae poua feet).

Isa Laia!

For so long, *Uncle Tui has been the mastermind behind the economic successes of our beloved Samunda.

This is the same man, or shall i say, this WAS the same man who has been flirting with China, two timing Hellen and Bainimarama and cavorting with global funding/donor agencies only to say ...ia, o le au vaega lea e maua mai ai tatou tupe,.. while the palagi is standing there brimming with confusionism all over?

Right Hand Drive to be introduced next year. July.

No consultation, no planning, just word on the street and then auoi a...into the Palemene. For the sake of the 2 foreigners reading my blog, Palemene is samoan for the house of bribery-elected members of the public, with lots of money and several titles- who effectually make decisions for the rest of Samoa. (exept for the two independent mps, who don't need titles, as they own the bank and the whole of beach road).

PLease do not think i'm anti-government.

I'm not.

I'm just anti-stupid political- decision-making-without-any-common-sense.

In fact, If elections were tomorrow, I'd vote for HRPP again. Because, ummm, well, coz thats the only political party in my kauntry hahahah...and coz my uncle's aunty's cousin's husband's brother went for our itu malo and our matai say we had to vote for them.(Democracy Samoan-style)

*Uncle Tui justified the RHD move as common sense, in that your right hand is your lima poto (yikes!!) and your lima agavale, is your what..lima valea?
So we've all been driving on the stupid side of the road.

God save Samoa, quickly please coz our democratically elected leaders are just driving us into a ditch. And please opposition party, stop bitching amongst yourselves and get your shit together. At the rate things are progressing (or rather regressing/ or would it be depressing) if Uncle Tui decided tomorrow we all drive upside down or all the men in the government building wear pink panties, they probably will!

*He's actually not my uncle, I'm just name-dropping and using the term in an endearing manner to give personality where its needed.


Peachy.. said...

Ha,ha,ha.. Love your political cynicism.. O le kele foi ia o lapisi e kukupu foi i le makou piko guu i sasae. Se'i fai foi se survey pe fia magagao ai le akuguu ae ku ifo lava fai male fa'amalosia aga fuafuaga. E, ole moola lava. So, e kumu gei la le Salamasina e kala'au aku ka'avale kaumakau..???? Hmmm. Ciao..

Fotu said...

bloody ridiculous isn't it.

World Wide said...

And now your uncle's got a mandate out for all the Niu Sila cousins to send kaavales to Samoa since he got his way again re:RHD.

No excuse now not to remortgage the fale for the third time so that everybody in the village back home can ooh and ahhh at the containers of alofa my aiga gets to receive from overseas.

When's the Tui-Man gonna beat the handout-mentality already and focus his God-given si_u on efforts to make the Samoan economy self-sustainable?

Or at least be considerate of the fact that Samoans overseas don't always have the luxury of living rent-free and eating off the land.

Maybe you should send your uncle that Clydesdale report.