Sunday, November 18, 2007

Have a swig of your own medicine mate...

Churen, use "flaneur" in a sentence.

Writers, use "accountable" in a sentence.

I remind myself of that all ta toime, i.e. If you are prepared to write, be prepared for the reprecussions, be prepared to have your ego punched once in a while and at same instance, be prepared to take criticism.

Because, YOU are the biggest critic around.

If you are ready to put your name to print, speak your moind, hurt peoples feelings, ponder on what you believe in (in the name of freedom), then honeychild, have a swig of your own medicine.

Over and Out.

1 comment:

tel said...

hmmm whats this about?
We're all putting ourselves out there whether it be in a newspaper article or blog and sites like bebo.
So curious now glad you are blogging again :D