Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oceania Politickling

Matches the term " muli kaea"(For fear of using a degrading palagi term).

He is the current self-proclaimed Prime Minister of Fiji, a.k.a the "coup paradise of the Pacific". He has shafted democracy, abused the majority of Fijian people's human rights and freedom and used force to assume leadership.


Matches the term 'Lose'

Because nobody wins in the end, (except Bainimarama of course...for now).

Worse yet, the other Pacific leaders sit back on their heavy backsides and let it all happen, even inviting Baniamarama to the recent Forum.

What is this suggesting? That dictatorship is okay? That it's Fiji's problem not ours, so we'll let them be?

Whatever the case, the reality is becoming apparent that the Forum is becoming obsolete and ineffective, not so different from the League of Nations before it flopped, not unlike the UN before we found out Kofi's son was getting cash for being Kofi's son.

I'm dissapointed with my uncle Tui, (nah, he's not actually my uncle, i'm just name dropping).

For a man who speaks his moind and stabs his listeners before massaging their egos, its sad to realise he's taking the back bench and not gettin' involved.

If the Pacific leaders actually spoke their minds at the Forum, it would have been something like this:

Helen Clark: "I don't wanna talk to you Bainimarama, youre a d1ck"

Bainimarama: "Dude, leave me alone, if you don't like me, butt out and get a wife"

Prince of Tonga "Bainimarama, you can hang out at my pad, I like big boys, hmmmm"

Tuilaepa: "hmmmm, I love coups, it brings everyone to my crib, more coups more coups and more kava plizzz!!!!

Cook Islands: Guys, I'd love to say something but my hands are tied, don't wanna get detentions from Headmaster Helen.

Niue PM: "Hello, anyone hear me????? I'm here??

Tuvalu: "Niue, I'm also here but you can't see me, i'm submerged"

Tokelau: Guys, just take a chill pill and relax...oh, and yeah, Helen's my man!!

Solomons: I hate you John Howard, I'm not coming to the party coz of you, youre a d1ck.

John Howard: "Wow, there's islands in that ocean hmmm? (should have a chat to Internal Affairs about relocating the Aboriginals there after elections"

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Lidia said...

Hahaha - that was hilarious! You summed John Howard up in a nut shell!