Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Isn't it our greatest fear?

To remain anonymous in a world of "visual"?

Fearing that our 'self' ness will become rubbed off the canvas?

Our sense of embodiment sprayed over by a skinny long-legged blond bitch?

And so we force ourselves to be joyful in a demanding and fat-free existence.

Detoxing our depressed flabs to please mankind.

Stretching our skins to reproduce humanity.

All the while exuding a scene of serenity.

Because it is expected of us,

Giving, Healing, Caring, Giving again,

When truly,

We could be emancipated and





Peachy.. said...

Thanks for passing on the link for "Neweslinesamoa". I fully support the truth being told. Just like a saying, " O mea e fai ile pouliuli e toe fa'alia lava ile malamalama. Ciao..

Omega & Alex said...

Nice post there sis. I say life is what you make of it NOT society if we can help it!!!