Thursday, April 05, 2007

Of Affairs and Rumours

Several months on, I decide to return to my blog and keep my 5 readers updated as to why i have been gone for so long.

1. My working hours mean logging on at home is a real inconvenience
2. Broadband is a sucker in New Zealand, to hell with those shets at TELECOM
3. I started another blog for friends and family only.
4. I got sick of wankers and weirdos emailing me about people whose photos appear on
my blog, accusing me of encouraging extramarital affairs and warning me that some of these people are of disagreeable characters and so on.
5. Coz i don't feel like et,...right? right.

But i'm back now, i needed some closure, so here goes:

Easter is the reason for the chicken

Ia, pau ga.

Also, I am proud to announce that the Samoan Sevens Team won the Hong KOng Sevens.

I'd love to mention the names of the players but then again i might get an email saying "Do you know that he has 4 children to his ex and is currently screwing the neighbour's cousin's aunty's niece, under the kamaligi tree?"

While we are on the subject, lets not forget that the former CEO from a particular government corporation has been fired due to alledgedly having unconsented sex with his former secretary in Samoa.
Now that is not a rumour, unless you associate rumours with Ombudsmans report and Samoa Observer front page.

Its a sad state of affairs and I'm sad to admit that many (if not majority) of Samoan men love to screw their way thu town and back, with any living creature, female, male or faafafine (the three genders in Samunda).

It is fair to conclude that 70% of men in Crabbers or RSA have had sex with women who are not their wives.

If every case was investigated like the STA case, I'm certain we will have no one running the businesses and the government departments in Apia.

Always the infatuation with affairs.

What i can't comprehend is that Samoa is so small, that whatever goes on under your mosquito net, 10 people are avidly peeking thru the holes, so obviously the affair becomes old news anyway.

Eh, fai mai e a le isi koeaiga i le makeki fou: It's the nature of the beast I beliff.

I leave u, my faithful 5 readers with this, "Life is all about foraying ahead, if you can't hack it, f*ck off"

With lots of tofas,


DISCLAIMER: What i choose to write on my blog is my business alone, so bugger off if you disagree, simple as that.

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