Sunday, April 22, 2007

Exceptional Photography by Charles Cooper

Check out Charles stunning photography on his recently updated website.

Charles used to run the Niue Tourism operations here in NZ, which is how i met him while I was in Samoa Tourism.
Obviously being small fish in big tourism pond, it helped teaming up with the other small island destinations reps in Auckland, and i managed to catch up with Charles every once in a while to update ourselves with Pacific goss and all things islandish.

Anyhow, I resigned from tourism and took the plunge into the travel (consultant) field, something that is looked upon as completely unthinkable and ...stupid.
My tourism colleagues were shocked at my sudden change, especially since the norm was moving from travel to tourism.

Ah well, i managed and am enjoying the change, except i got pregnant 3 months into the job, every managers nightmaRE, heheh.

okay, check out the pics and enjoy!!!!

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salty said...

you're back!