Sunday, April 22, 2007

couch update

Some time in the next 2 weeks, my waters may break, my contractions may start and my nether regions will undergo intense action, not of the pleasurable nature but rather my interiors being exposed and ravaged by childbirth.

If my decription of this suppsedly-magical moment sounds slightly vulgar, I really don't care because i am writing from my soul to my heart, not for anyone else's self-gratification, screw that.

So Mom and Omega arrive today, Fleur and Cherelle are already here- somewhere in Botany today and the children came and left again for a visit.

I'm refering to my 10, 8 year old nieces and 3 year old hyper-nephew.
They came to NZ for the first time to get injections for meningococal B as a few children have died in Samoa due to this.

It has been a while since i have been in the company of children, specifically Samoan-born and raised children.

There is something particularly exhausting about these three that has almost reduced me to early labour pains. Master Three had a tendency to piss his pants at the most inoptune moments, the older two staged arguments that drive you nuts and the house was reduced to a mess that I couldn't clear because my energy levels have been pitiful.
I miss the little ones now, but in a deafeningly-silent relieving sort of way. I miss them when they are gone, but the longer theyre here, the wearier i become.

I did however have some beautiful moments with the kids. Mstr Three volunteered daily to massage bio oil on my tummy, and then he would start chatting excited to it, and he would stop and say "Uh oh, ua fia kio pepe, (Pepe wants to do a shit)". He also tended to remind me daily how huge my stomach is "Oka se lapoa o lou magava sole".

Aside from the children, I officially finished work a week ago, and it is such a wonderful thing to sleep in every day, wake up and worry only about what i am going to eat.

Speaking of which, food has been a touchy issue over the last 9 months. Because i have been blessed(cursed in the eyes of the Health System) with being a Pacific Islander, I have therefore been earmarked from the beginning to be likely to develop (if not already) diabetes, high blood pressure and every other diesease in the book.
As a result, I have been subjected to numerous tests to assess my progress.
So much so that I had to do two glucose tests and a liver scan to be absolutely sure i was NOT diabetic.

Furthermore, midwife tells me baby might arrive late.
So i have been trying every trick, exercise, myth and idea that could bring on labour.

I've been walking around the block with one foot on the curb and the other on the road, much to the neighbour's amusement.

I had hot hot curry in town with fleur until my nose was runny and my throat hurt.

Today, I'm buying fresh pineapple because Asians apparently eat these to bring on early labour.

Hot sex also helps, but frankly, thats not on my books these days, or the last few months for that matter, so pineapple and curry it is.


itsJustmoi said...

Hey fotu! Good to see you blogging more often these days!! Seeing as you have so much time on your hands!! just wanted to say good luck with the pineapple and curry inducing endevours!!LOL! hopefully you wont be cursing all your efforts when you are smack in the middle of pushing!LOL!jks...we all cant wait to see the new addition- so keep at it!!!
reagards and alofas

avaiki nius agency said...

Godddess! So good to see you are alive and well. You must be a mum by now! I am living in Aotearoa too, in da big smoke, so love to see you and pepe but not knowing your contacts ... or hospital ... lotsa love, jason brown, by name and nurture. ps you can gets me at 9167058 ... or at