Thursday, November 16, 2006

These are difficult times in Oceania

De La Perouse would have smacked himself silly for calling this vast ocean, Pacific.

Because we are anything but pacified.

Perhaps if he had ventured further out of the Panama Isthmus he'd have seen a truer representation of divisions, turmoil and war.

It has worked to our advantage, giving europeans a misconception of paradise.

only to be reminded too late when an axe is dislodged into their viking skulls.

I don't mean to leave you stranded and wondering why I'm kicking off this entry with musings about dead voyagers.

My thoughts are more consumed by the dramas unfolding in our region.
Warfare in the Solomons,

Land struggles in Vanuatu

Coups and military arrogance in Fiji (again)

Political fallouts in Tahiti

Continuous unrest, looting and royal backlash in Tonga
Who else?

Niue: well, who cares about Niue, their only drama today is struggling to keep people on the island at all.

and Samoa?
well, lets just say theyre in a more peaceful position because the only thing theyre fighting about is beauty pageants and shallow politics.

They so peaceful and passive that even Parliament have no Opposition, so whatever Uncle Tui says, goes.

Of course, that is not to say we Samoans are free of our own dramas.

Let us ask some serious questions.
Why hasn't there been a coup in Samoa yet?

It is obvious that to stage a coup requires much secrecy, deliberation and preparation.
None of which would ever be possible for a bunch of Samoan men.
Because they plan, they talk, they drink and it all comes out in the open before dawn the next morning.
And to summon an army of strong men to march into Parliament House at 8am would be a challenge in itself.

Imagine the Chief of Police all prepared to attack and does the roll call.
"Sione?" Not here yet, went fishing last night

"Ioane?" Got in a fight with his wife and admitted to ICU at Motootua

"Petelo" We saw him on the Vaivase bus this morning, he looks stoned.

"Sasalapa?" Couldn't find his bus fare, he asked if its okay if he came in later.

Head of Police shrugs "Aw, fuck it, lets call it a day you bloody shets"