Wednesday, August 16, 2006

'Showtime' has left the building.

A blog entry ago, I was laughing about my aunty's question whether Hirene has died, my response was "It's prebably one of his jokes"
But now I realise it is true, Hirene has actually,

I won’t sugar-coat my recollection of Hirene.
Although he would have loved that, even brag about it later, saying that ‘That Jody, she thinks I’m hot!”

Hirene is first and foremost, a ‘performer’

An ‘entertainer’ born for the limelight.

He shines, he smiles, he cheers people up and he makes the most of a situation.

While the 79 dancers were bitching and whining about being in a stressful situation in Germany, Hirene was making friends with the barmaids, construction workers, management and the children that watched the shows.

When I think of Hirene I smile, because he always always has something cheeky to say.
In his time as the ‘mascot’ faaluma for the Samoa show, he was determined to make people laugh, even breaking his arm in the process.

But that did not stop him.

In his own words “The show must go on”.

I am certain most Peacecorps and Australian ambassadors know or have seen/met Hirene because he worked at Lighthouse/BadBillys and other bars in town. It is hard not to miss someone who is eager to strike a conversation with every stranger the comes thru the door.

When we were at Paddles beginning of this year, he came over and kissed us twice on the cheek, and said “Halo, Mein name is Hirene, Wie heist du? Or some German shite like that.

He was wearing a long sleeved Spanish style shirt, very tight white jeans and a majurity that didn’t suit him. “I’m engaged” he said,
“NO f^c1(@^ way!” we exclaimed.

“Ya, to my darling in Germany” he proudly informed us.

“My condolences to your wife to be” was our response.

“Whatever, youre jealous coz you can’t have me!” he laughs and hits the dance floor.

And that was the last we saw of Hirene.

It seems strange that the flamboyant lively character will no longer grace a stage, be under a limelight anymore. Strangely enough, it feels like the show has come to an end.

My heart goes out to his girlfriend, his family and friends, its tragic to lose a loved one but reassuring to have shared a life with "Showtime" the star of the show.


Shark Girl said...

That's the very same pic that was in the paper. Poor guy. He wasn't married yet. He was supposed to go at the end of the month.

dasifi said...

Sometimes I can not help but ask these flamboyant souls are taken and not the ones who do not cherish life..suicide bombers and the likes..Condolences to his family and loved ones. Talosia ia maliu se toa ae toe tu se toa.

supasta said... dis dat bartender guy from bad billy's...sole.. kalofa e si kama..he's a crack up...always running his mouf...
condolences to his family and friends...

tel said...

kalofa e....Who would've thought?! I know when I found out I still couldn't believe it especially since the guy was the life of the party, or tried to be wherever he was and whoever he was with.
So true about people full of zest and life being taken away so early!
Last time I saw the guy was my hens night and I also had the same reaction to when he told me about his fiance in waiting back in Germany...shocked but happy for the guy. I'd hate to be her right now though...I can't imagine waiting for someone only to learn they won't be coming - plucked from this earth without any goodbye. And as for his family...I am sure they are really feeling the loss. My condolences to them.
My last encounter with Hirene I guess is one to be remembered - an impromptu stripper for my hens night. Was a laugh and a half...but was true Hirene style with his famous white jeans and long sleeved shirt hehe, big grin and assurance that he had promised his hand in marriage to a German beauty.
Now there was someone who really lived life to the full as we all should :)

nannyboo said...

hey fotu...

sorry for a being a blender but damn, what happened? i didnt know that rene passed away? Poor guy, he really was a crack up and always ready with that cheeky grin to greet you. I'm so behind! may he rest in peace...

Great blogging by the way:)

Lupinchen23 said...

hi, i´m hirene´s girl from germany.I never expected that you all know something about me.Rene and me we wasn´t married jet,but i wish we do it as he was here in Berlin with me.He is the man of my life,he show me what real love is, i never meet such a funny, lovley men.He was friendly with everybody here, and all of his new german friends was shocked and very sad as there hear what was happening in NZ.There is no day that i didnt think of him, i miss him so much,his voice,his beautiful eyes that i never see or hear again.But when i close my eyes, i see my baby smiling to me. Its hard for me to go on, but i try my best every day. Its good that i go work,so have something to do,and my friends are there for me all the time.On day i come over to samoa to visit his grave and his family. I´m sorry for everything that happend.
I never stop loving MR SHOWTIME, or in Germany i was saying MR CHICKEN...i thank Rene for the time of my life...
bye bye nadine

Goddess of Savaii said...

Dear Nadine,

Thank you for your comment.
I am so very sorry for your loss., I hope that you are well and comforted that you have been loved by someone so wonderful like Hirene.

Hirene's story was in the Samoa Observer (newspaper) in Samoa, and a lot of people were shocked and couldn't believe what happened (including me).

Sometimes life is so cruel, and i sincerely hope that you are comforted.. Have faith my friend.

God bless and best wishes,


Lupinchen23 said...

Oh you answer so quick,thanks a lot!
I wish i can read the newspaper,because i dont know so much about the accident,i just know the date,time..and some little facts. Nobody can´t tell me something about all the thinks that happend.
here in my life some things changes after rene is leaving,i finsh my job in the tropical island(thats were i meet rene)because everthing was remember me on hirene,i saw him 7 months every day and night..daytime at work and night at my home in berlin.i´m not living in berlin anymore,so i pack my bags and go to a diffrent city,i life with a girl in a big apartment.and there i got a new job,i´am flight attendant.thats my life without him..
thank you so much for your nice words to me..
Take care nadine can call me Lofa. said...

Wow. This is sad news. Although my encounters with Rene were only brief during my trip to Samoa in 05/06, I remember them as if it were only yesterday. He introduced himself to me as Showtime, and I remember his white jeans and sparkling hat, sure to catch the eyes of niteclub-goers in Paddles that night. So sad to think that I will never bump into him again in Samoa. My sincerest condolences to his loved ones.