Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is Hirene = "Showtime" alive?

I'm wondering if my information is a bit rusty but somebody please confirm if Hirene is alive or not.

I'm talking about Hirene from Lighthouse/Bad Billys who went with the Germany with the STA dance group.

Hirene if youre reading this, ARe you alive (uh, no shet, thats why you'll respond hehehe)...unless you have internet connection beyond the grave.

Any real information would be appreciated.

Knowing how much of a joker he is, i'm hoping this is one of his's hoping.


Pinky in Boots said...

hi jody,

no, actually it's true. it was in the Observer on Sunday. Didn't really know him but he was one of those jokers you always see around. His poor mother was absolutely devastated in her interview with the paper. Car accident in NZ.

Kalofa e...may he rest in peace.

Shark Girl said...

Yeah I got a shock when I read that in the paper. Cheeku was like "vaai i le kama o Rene lele e sau loga aka i le pepa" and I looked and the heading was "Car accident takes Hirene's Life" or something like that. Stupid Cheeku didn't even notice. I'm like "You shithead, HE'S DEAD!!!"

Poor Hirene. Yeah he was a mimika bastard but I liked him. And he always used to give me free drinks at Lighthouse. Hehe. And yeah I also vividly remember him in his Spanish long-sleeved shirts.

R.I.P buddy.